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Sensory Helps

Web Sites:


Raising a Sensory Smart Child, by Lindsey Biel, M.A., OTR / L and Nancy Peske

The Sensory-Sensitive Child, by Karen A. Smith, Ph.D. and Karen R. Gouze, Ph.D.

Our Sensory Kit:

This consists of the tools Firefly uses most regularly at home to get herself back under control, to self-soothe, or to get herself moving.


Surgical Brush (for our "brushing" protocol)

Gum (lots and lots and lots of it!)

Pencil grips

iPod and headphones


Smencils (scented pencils)

Leg weights

Weighted Blanket

Body Sox

Scented anesthesia Mask

Disc Chair



  1. We are still on a waiting list for an official diagnosis but the regular therapist suggested a weighted blanket. where would I get one? I have the disc chair and trampoline already but he won't sit on the disc :-/

  2. Schooling in the SunMay 17, 2012 at 1:37 PM


    This is a link to the exact one we have. The only drawback to it is that it is not exactly "plush" feeling. Much of the time, Firefly will wrap her weighted blanket up in a softer fleece blanket.

    I hope that is helpful.

    Have you tried using the big therapy balls as a seat instead of the disc? It may be more of an incentive.



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