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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our Winter Wanderings...Part Five!

Can you believe it's taking this many posts to share our trip?

Umm, yeah.  Having lived it, I can.  It was a long, long trip.

A wonderful, refreshing, great time with amazing people trip, but a long one!

Day Five found us on the road from Rhode Island to Connecticut to visit with my sister, her hubby, and their daughters.  It was a relatively quick trip, and we arrived just in time to get a tour of their lovely new townhouse and chow down on a pasta dinner!  The kiddos got to visit and play (hide and seek was the favorite) and the Mommas got to catch up.

The next morning found the kiddos itching to get outside, especially since Uncle Damian had mentioned the sledding activity!  I'm not sure my Florida kiddos have ever sledded--ever.  And according to the all-knowing sledding expert Uncle Damian, it was the perfect snow for sledding.  Not too fresh and powdery, with just the right amount of icy stuff on top.

So we bundled up and headed out--right, as luck would have it, across the parking lot to the big hill that was just perfect for sledding.

That's brave Uncle Damian himself, starting us off!  I think the look of terror was just for show...

We had a terrific time, even the teenagers who are too cool for everything--although they did remember to "be chill" and went in after about 45 minutes.  I had to drag the others in after about ninety minutes, with numb toes and rosy cheeks and sore bellies from laughing.

The native Northerner, however, had had enough after about 30 minutes and tried to lift the excitement level by getting herself stuck in a tree.

After thawing out and eating lunch, we headed out for a tour of the little towns close by my sister.  I called it the "Gore Tour", because one of the places we went was a supposed "haunted hospital", complete with stories of the horrible torture that used to happen to the patients, the hidden tunnels buried underneath the grounds, and the abandoned buildings.

I know!  Creepy, right?

The rest of our visit included yet another trip to a frozen yogurt place (gotta love it!), a trip to the mall--THAT HAD A SCHOOL SUPPLY STORE IN IT!!!! and a yummy dinner.

The next morning would see us headed out to state number 3--Pennsylvania, and a trip to Gettysburg.

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