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Monday, March 30, 2015

Winter Wanderings...Part Two...

...So there we were, happily (and finally!!) in Rhode Island, visiting some of our dearest friends.  We had a wonderful time that first night, first surprising their sweet kiddos, and then letting them all run rampant while their Momma and I caught up over a glass of wine--which, I will say, was probably the best glass of wine I've ever had in my life!  Nothing like a way-too-long-two-day drive to make the wine go down smoothly!

The next day, our host kiddos took us out on a tour of their neighborhood, after a lazy morning spent in front of Pokemon cartoons and Wii Universe games.  We were thrilled (then, three days into our trip) to bundle up in all of our (mostly borrowed) winter wear and get outside!

The first place we went was to check out one of the neighborhood forts.  Which, of course, required climbing up a steep and icy hill.  Through trees and branches.  Made for little person sizes.  When the snow was all melting and making for one heck of a mud sliding phenomena going on on that hill.

This is the smile I use when I'm wondering how on earth I'm going to get back down that hill without falling on my rear end.  I shouldn't have feared.  After all, I had Batman there to help me out!

From the top of that hill, we had just a beautiful view of the water and all of the surrounding area.

Just gorgeous.  So peaceful and calming.

And cold.  And really, really windy.  But we braved it and took a walk along the "beach", searching for fun shells and sea glass and whatever other "treasures" the kiddos could find.

Did I mention how windy it was?  And check out my neat walking stick Bug found for me!

Finally, we went back to thaw out and get ready for lunch...which contained some of the best ice cream for dessert that I've ever had.

Because it's never too cold for ice cream, lol!

And then we headed over to a tiny, super-fun aquarium for kiddos.  

Everything in there was so hands-on, it was amazing!  We got to hold moon snails (the kiddos, mind you, not me!), hermit crabs, and all kinds of other water creatures.  Firefly had a blast petting the sharks, and we could observe seahorses, sharks, and rays eating their dinners.

Here are a few of the boys with their best "say cheese" smiles...

And Firefly, Bug, and our sweet hostess patiently waiting for the sharks to finish eating so they can reach in and pet them again...

Once we finished at the aquarium, we went outside to the "beach" they had there.  

Where it was still cold.  And windy.  And evidently just perfect weather for Bug, who ran around with his buddies with no jacket, no gloves, and no hat.

Truthfully, we're probably pretty lucky he had shoes on.

And wasn't in the water.

Go ahead.  Call Protective Services on me now...

It was a beautiful day of sightseeing and making memories.

And that was just day one...

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