"From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised." Psalm 113:3

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What We've Been Up To...Part One

Did you just hear that?

It was a huge exhale of breath that I've evidently been holding in for about four months now--which have happened to probably be the busiest four months I've ever participated in.

Ugh.  I mean...Yay!  Lots of fun stuff going on around here!

But now things are slowing down (like, a little tiny bit and please don't mention it again because if anyone around here gets the idea that there is an ounce of free time they will fill it up immediately), and I'm looking forward to getting back on a bloggy schedule and having some afternoon quiet time in which to fill up said bloggy schedule and that's probably the longest sentence I've written in forever.

Which tells you a little bit about my current state of mind.

Let's catch up, shall we?

Five of Our Biggest Recent Time Drains...In No Particular Order Because That Would Be Way Too Organized:

1.  Club Soccer for Turtle...As in, we had been "officially" in our off season.  Which meant that practice was scaled down to about twice a week.  Until we had to get ready for the tournament the week between Christmas and New Years.  Seriously, people??

Getting ready for the tournament involved many more intense practices, then we were traveling for the tournament, and then we were "off season" again.

Until we had to start getting ready for season games.  Which started the end of January.

2.  Club Soccer for Firefly...Again, with an "off season" that doesn't actually exist.  Her first off season tournament started--ready for this?  Black Friday!!!

Which meant, of course, that we were traveling to get ready for it on Thanksgiving.

Followed by a tournament in mid-January, and one that just ended about twelve hours ago.

Regular season practice starts this week.

I'm laughing hysterically on the inside.

3.  School Soccer Season for Turtle...Because you know, part of being in school is having the opportunity to play for a school team.  It's all about school spirit, memory-making, comaraderie, etc.

And everyday practice.  And games mid-week.  And being in the stands when it's definitely too cold for anyone to be outside except for the certifiably insane.

Which I'm pretty sure I am now--because look at what else we did:

4.  School Soccer Season for Firefly...who doesn't even GO TO SCHOOL!!  I'm blaming this one on the brain cells killed through lack of sleep because of soccer traveling.

See, where we live, homeschoolers have this wonderful opportunity to play school sports, participate in school extracurriculars of all kinds, and be in school clubs.  Because Firefly is the soccer nut that she is, and because of the amazing coaching / learning experience that is available to her at a local private school, we decided to provide the opportunity for her to try out to play there.

Which first involved her taking the admissions test--for hours, computer-based, and with math!!! (the nerve!)  And then involved us paying the sports fee.  And involved me driving her to and from school practice every. single. day.


5.  No Quiet Time...Let me back up here for a minute, so you can see how truly monumental this is.

I am an introvert.  A really big one.  Like I could be perfectly happy left all alone at home with a book, Netflix, and possibly a dog for a very long period of time.

(Well, probably chocolate, too.)

I go on field trips, go to co-ops, go on travel soccer trips, and need quite a bit of decompression time when I get home to start to feel like I don't want to rip my family's heads off when they speak.  Quiet Time has always been a huge blessing for me.  I can be "on" for my kiddos all day, but for one blessed hour (or longer if I can swing it), I hear silence.

I can write.  I can read.  I can sleep.  

I can just be.

And then I'm ready to face the world again.

But you know, with all of the running around, and driving around, and spectating, and keeping us on schedule, and chaos, and talking (so, so much talking), and schooling, and crying, and what on earth is going to be for dinnering, and all of that stuff...

Quiet Time hasn't fit.

Yeah, it's been pretty ugly around here some days.

But we're on the mend.  School Soccer is officially over.  Club Soccer has officially begun again, but we're used to that.  Quiet Time has been penciled in for four--count them--four days this week!

I love my children.  I love my family.  I love my home and my life and my husband and yes, even soccer!  I truly love watching my kiddos play, and watching the wonderful friendships they have with their sweet teammates.  I love working through the life lessons that this sport / their teams / their win-loss records have thrown at them.

I wouldn't change a thing.  But God did.

Part Two will let me tell you the wonderful things He has done for us through this season of busy.

What are your kiddos involved in?  How does their schedule impact your daily life?

How do you get through your busy?

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  1. I'm getting stressed out reading this post...lol! It sorta cracked me up though...and I already know all of this! :)



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