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Friday, November 7, 2014

Five on Friday...Our First Week of Unschooling...

We are just a few weeks into our "unschooling" journey, but we are definitely still trying to get our feet wet.  And I know that I am just a bit too Type A to dive in full-force to something so unstructured.  So far, I've set some "boundaries".  They look like this:

--No electronics until after lunch

--Bible Study done every day

That's it.  My goal here was boredom.  I figured being bored would drive my kiddos to want to do something new, or something that "looked" educational to me.  With those rules in place, and me spending an inordinate amount of time sitting on my hands and biting my tongue, here are five of the most exciting things my kiddos did / created / learned about (initiated by themselves) this week:

1.  Block Play--My little guy quickly found a book about tangrams and a box of them that I had "accidentally" left out.  Tangram building led (of course) to a massive Lego build that led to fortress building with tangrams, Legos, and blocks that then (of course) just HAD to be shot down Angry Birds-style.  With our very own slingshot.  Over and over and over again.

2.  Light Patrol--After a quick errand to pay our electric bill, and a brief discussion about how high it was and ways we could help Daddy by making it lower, the kiddos came home and created the "Light Patrol", complete with posters, badges, and a velcro-attachable whose-turn-is-it chart.  Every time we leave the house now, our Light Patrol takes some extra time to go through the house and turn off lights, ceiling fans, and the like.  We'll see how that works soon!

3.  Reading--Lots and lots and lots of reading.  My kiddos devoured every library book we had and were begging for more.  They loved the free time to read.  And it made Momma happy, too!

4.  Dog Biology--Bear with me, here.  I know the picture is extremely blurry.  Our sweet doggy, turns out, tore his ACL in an accident last week.  Bug traveled with me to the Specialty Vet where we learned what they recommend we do for Max.  As soon as said Specialty Vet realized we were homeschoolers, the dry erase markers came out and he was in full lecture mode!  I think Bug may have a better understanding of the proposed surgery than I do.  (Of course, I may have zoned out a bit when I learned the proposed cost!)

5.  Living History--We had the opportunity to go to a Benjamin Franklin impersonation.  Being the American History nerd that I am, I had a wonderful time!  I think the kiddos may have been less than thrilled, but they were both able to grasp some understanding of the time period, the history, and the character.  AND I didn't worry about what curriculum we weren't going to be able to do that day!

I'm liking this unschool-type stuff.  We'll see how it goes from here...


  1. My kids are not motivated in that way. I have to expose them to something new in their curriculum in order for them to desire to pursue learning. If I left them to their own devices - even without electronics they would do things like use their blankets to build a fort, play hide and seek, draw or destroy stuff. Glad that your kids took the baits and wanted to dive in.

    1. Nita, the more I'm reading, the more I'm relaxing into letting the kiddos just "go" sometimes. They are surprising me with the things they are choosing to do. Not that I don't spend a great deal of time biting my tongue because it doesn't look like what I would call educational--but it's learning--real learning, just the same. This is going to be a long journey, I think. And mostly, it's going to be on me--learning to just chill out, lol!



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