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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Diary of a Real Payne...A Book Review...

This fun book is the third in the series about EJ Payne, a feisty, lovable, extremely imaginative little girl.  My 11 year-old daughter has read all three stories, and this is what she has to say about Book Three:  Diary of a Real Payne: Oh Baby! by Annie Tipton.

"I absolutely love this series!  It's very fun to read and to re-read.  This is probably my favorite book of all.  In this book, EJ learns how to be a caring and helping-out older sister to her new adopted baby sister, Faith.  She uses her imagination and soon learns that being an older sister is a lot harder than she ever imagined.  When you read this book, you can travel through weddings, imagination, talent, and fun.  EJ Payne makes everything fun.

My favorite part was Mrs. Winkle's wedding.  Mrs. Winkle is EJ's neighbor.  EJ plays her ukulele down the aisle and is the junior bridesmaid.  Baby Faith and Bert the dog also have parts in the wedding.

In this story, EJ has a hard time standing up to her bully, CoraLee McAlister.  And EJ can't figure out why her dog Bert starts acting weird.  But by the end, the mystery with Bert is solved, and everyone learns to get along."

 My daughter has really enjoyed all three of these books over and over again.  She devours them quickly and I hear her giggling through many parts.  We were so blessed to be able to review this third story, and can't wait for Ms. Tipton to write another!


  1. We read the first one! I'll have to see if my boys are interested in getting the next two. :)



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