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Friday, September 26, 2014

Field Trip Friday...Helicopter Squadron

We have a very dear, sweet, wonderful family who we love very much, who is getting ready to move away.

Which I'm not going to talk about anymore, because I'm having a hard time holding on to denial, and I really, really, REALLY need to hold on to the denial.

So, anyway, they asked our family and one other to join them this morning for a field trip tour through the helicopter squadron that their great husband / daddy is stationed in before they leave  take their extended vacation.

We had the best time, and learned so very much!

Mr. Rob spent almost two hours with us and was extremely patient as the kiddos (and us Mommas) asked him about a million questions, like, "how much do these planes cost?", "why is the propeller (not its proper name) on the back only on one side?", and, of course, "what happens if you have to go to the bathroom when you are flying the helicopter?"  

(giggle, giggle)

Everyone got a turn to touch, examine, and pseudo-pilot the helicopter, and there were lots of photo ops as the boys, especially, had their fill of climbing, poking, and jumping all over.

After the session in the hangar, we headed inside to learn about the flight suits and vests.  Mr. Rob patiently went through his vest (insert correct technical word here, lol...) and showed us everything that is included in it in event of a crash or stranding situation.  We were all shocked at how heavy it was, and quickly understood why it can get so hot when the pilots fly.

Here Firefly is trying on Mr. Rob's vest, and I'm pretty sure that it doubles her weight.  

Notice the grimace.

Everyone got a turn to try on the helmet.  I think Bug may have a few years of growth needed before it will fit well, huh?

We are so grateful to Mr. Rob for the tour and lessons, and even more grateful for the service he has given to our country.

God Bless our troops, their families, and our country.

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