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Friday, July 11, 2014

Five on Friday...Why The Blog Hasn't Been as Active Lately...

I thought this would be a fun idea, to start a wrap-up of our weeks with a simple list of our favorite five things that we've done, books we've read, places we've gone, etc.

However, this past six weeks our lives have been in a bit of a just-get-through-the-day-without-losing-it mode, and, honestly, this blog has shown it!  I promise that we have about three more weeks of extra-ordinary craziness, and then I will get back to our regularly scheduled chaos.  Of course, as I type this, I realize that that is MY plan, which I'm sure is quite, quite different from God's.  We will see what the ride ahead is going to be like, but here is a list of five things that have defined our summer so far, and what our life is like when you can't see it happening online...

1.  Surgery.  On May 30th, I had hip surgery.  We had anticipated that it was coming, but what we hadn't anticipated was the rough recovery.  Ugh.  The surgery went as well as it could, seeing as how the surgeon was "surprised" when he got in there (which is probably never a good thing...), and I came home as scheduled, but then spent roughly 48 hours violently sick.  And not able to move quickly to do it privately.

You know you have a true friend for life when she cleans out your vomit bowl.

Anyway, six weeks out, I am now off of the crutches, able to go upstairs (which my kiddos were not too thrilled about--they had World War 3 going up there with Army men and Matchbox cars.  Oh, and marbles, for some reason...), and heading out to therapy three times / week.  But I'm so incredibly slow.  To go anywhere.  It's a bit annoying, actually.  Hopefully, though, another six weeks will see huge improvements in my pain and my mobility level, and we are all learning lessons about serving others.  Ahem.

2.  My Daddy.  I know I've mentioned before that my father has early onset Alzheimer's.  His wife is taking a much needed and well-deserved vacation this month, and my brother, sister, and I are working together to cover him at home.  I've been down once already this month and am headed down there again this week.

Yeah, it's not an easy thing.  I have a new appreciation for caregivers and what they go through everyday.  Let's just say that when I'm down there, it's a full-time job, and I'm shocked and saddened to know that his disease has progressed so quickly.

I hate Alzheimer's.

3.  Summer Overscheduling.  Since surgery, recovery, and caregiving weren't going to be enough to keep us all busy, I have successfully kept up my pattern of over-committing us to things.  This summer, my oldest has worked a VBS, is conditioning for high school soccer 3x / week, is doing an injury prevention class with her sister and father 3x / week, and is still trying to finish her Algebra I.

Firefly is soccer-ing as well, and conditioning on her own.  We are doing Brain Training exercises five days / week, she has done VBS, piano lessons, swim team, and is going to sleep-away camp in a few weeks.

Not to be outdone, Bug is also swimming, doing VBS, and we've thrown in a tennis camp for him at the end of the summer.

Can it please be August soon?  I promise I've learned my lesson!

4.  Visitors.  My sister and her children will be joining us this week from New York, and will be visiting until the beginning of August, as she and I take turns care taking either our father or our kiddos.  I am so very thrilled to be spending time with her and with my nieces, and so while I will be picture-taking, I probably won't be blogging much...

5.  Everyday Life.  You know, the playdates, pool time, laundry, school planning, cleaning, and endless meal-making involved in having a family!  Normally, I am on top of it, but with the slow-moving me and the absent-me, these chores (and the fun time, too) have been piling up.  

That's our summer!  I can say that I am honestly looking forward to the lightened schedule (hopefully) that the school year will bring.  I will be back on track with reviews, photos, Firefly updates, curriculum plans, etc. as soon as I can!  In the meantime, I could probably really use some prayers!

How's your summer going?  Did you over schedule?  Or were you smart and you are now enjoying a peaceful season?

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