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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Five on Friday...on Sunday, Because it's Been That Kind of a Summer

I thought today I would give you a quick sneak peek of how we have handled our summer learning this summer--affectionately known around these parts as The. Worst. Summer. Ever.

Except not anymore.  Because we've officially given up complaining in this house under threat of having to pay money to "The Jar".  Which only I have had to do so far.  And that was before the power went out for two hours when it was 100 degrees outside.

But, I digress.

It has been a crazy summer here, to say the least, and if I were a better person (read, less Type A Control Freak Momma), I would have abandoned all summer learning plans in an effort to enjoy the time we had.  Since I'm not that better person, I've tried to cram in learning where we could get it, although really in a less "formal" way.  And hopefully, in a way that has benefited my kiddos.

1.  Reviews...we have not accepted a ton of review products lately due to the craziness of our schedule, but we have done some, and they've been so very wonderful that sometimes we've forgotten that they were "extra summer learning".  Most notably, we've kept up with math drills with Learning Wrap-Ups, and with literature and science unit studies with Moving Beyond the Page.  Since these have fallen outside of our "normal" school-type look, my kiddos have been having a bit more fun with them and a bit less complaining about doing school.

2.  Life Skills...Ah, yes.  It has been the summer of learning life lessons.  We have taken care of elderly family members, tried to pick up the slack at home when Momma is out of town, learned to survive a week at our first sleep-away camp, found out what happens when we go out of our way to be "not helpful" during summer craziness, learned about washing machine floods and homeowner's insurance policy facts, started lemonade stands, served family members who were recovering from surgery, written numerous Thank You notes, and learned how to run our own laundry.  Many of these things I'd already learned, lol, but now most of my kiddos have some level of proficiency with these as well.

3.  Brain Exercises...I've been doing a good bit of reading on brain flexibility and brain balance, in part from good friends passing along information, but also from the Learning Breakthrough book that I reviewed earlier this year.  As a result, Firefly has now done seven weeks of an intensive Brain Training program here at home.  Five days a week, we run through a series of exercises.  I call that "Learning Skills".

4.  Swimming...Both Bug and Firefly spent the summer swimming on a neighborhood swim team.  I loved the cross-training aspect of it, loved watching them get stronger and competing against themselves, and watching their pride as they dropped their times.  I think they just really loved to swim every day.  We're calling this "P. E."

5.  Math.  Kind of...See, my original plan was to continue math throughout the summer, both to keep the material fresh and to "catch up"--mainly for Firefly.  I admit to being a bit of a failure on this point, though.  There are just way too many things to do with our scarce free time that seem to be a bit more fun than math.


But, Turtle is finishing up her Algebra 1, and Firefly has completed two lessons (almost), and Bug will sporadically work on his addition facts.

Four out of five ain't bad...

What do you do for summer learning in your homeschool?

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