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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

More Than a Memory: The Candace Kate Story...A Book Review and Giveaway...

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Every once in a while, a story comes along and takes your breath away while you are reading it.

More Than a Memory: The Candace Kate Story, by Nancy Fileccia, did that to me.  Nancy just happens to be a fellow homeschooling Momma and co-owner of A Journey Through Learning lap books, but I know her now as a strong, fierce Momma Lion.

Originally begun as a series of journal entries written by a mother at her daughter's hospital bedside, The Candace Kate Story has evolved into a beautiful tribute to an inspiring little girl--and a moving story of the family that brought her to her forever home.

The Fileccia family was a happy, "normal" family in 2003.  They had three children at the time, two sweet daughters, and a young son they had traveled to Guatemala to adopt a year earlier.  And then a picture of a little Chinese girl changed their lives.

Called to adopt again, the Fileccia's traveled overseas and met Xing Dan Nang.  She was a brutally small--and almost totally blind--girl, and she took them all by surprise.  By the power of their faith, the Fileccia's brought Candace home and gave her a family.

More Than a Memory chronicles this part of the Fileccia story--which was only the beginning of Candace's story.  Nancy is a wonderful, real storyteller who shows us the struggles of caring for a child who is not only blind, but one who does not communicate, who can't understand the language and culture of a new world, and who is not attaching well to her new family.

Nancy, with the help of her "village", taught this child to read Braille.

She homeschooled her alongside the other children.

She cared for Candace, loved her, and tried to make connections with and for her.

And then, when things were marching along somewhat smoothly, Candace Kate got sick.  Three years after the Fileccia's added to their family, their daughter was diagnosed with a fatal and debilitating illness--Batten Disease.  

As Nancy and the rest of the family watched Candace struggle, cared for her, and searched for answers, Nancy kept journals.  She chronicled her tears, her anger, her fear, her hopelessness.  She detailed what was happening with Candace and her body and her disease.  

And along the way, she allows us to fall in love with Candace Kate as well.  And with the Fileccia family.  And with their strong faith that allowed them to say "yes" to God, opening them up to the joy of knowing this little girl, but also the tragedy of having her taken away.

This story was such a wonderful read, and it was a gift to me to be able to preview it.  I encourage you all to go and get a copy of it for yourselves:

More Than a Memory: The Candace Kate Story, from Amazon

From the website (it's on sale right now...) $5.95 for the download, $13.95 for the bound book

From Kobo


You can win a download copy from me!  I am giving away ebook copies to two of my readers.  This giveaway will end 5/16/14 at 8:00am.  But please, even if you don't win, consider buying and reading this story.  But have your Kleenex handy...

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