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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Stillness of Chimes...A Book Review

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A Stillness of Chimes, by Meg Moseley, is an entertaining, suspenseful Christian mystery. 

Laura Gantt comes back home to Prospect, Georgia to settle her mother's household after her untimely death.  While there, she uncovers rumors that her father, thought to have drowned twelve years earlier, may actually still be alive, and wandering through the town.  Laura is understandably shaken, especially when strange events begin to happen around her.

Laura draws on the support of her childhood friends, Cassie and Sean, to help her find out what is going on--but now that they are all adults, things are a bit more complicated than they were at age 12.  Cassie is home and hiding from her own perceived failure, now taking care of a mother who seems to be mentally slipping.  And Sean is still reeling from a childhood romance with Laura that came to an abrupt end--and an abusive father who still comes around to stir up trouble.

A Stillness of Chimes is an easy, enjoyable read that will leave you wondering throughout the whole book about what, exactly, is going on in that little Georgia town.  If you are beginning to look for some absorbing summer reading, I would definitely recommend starting with this novel.

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