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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Riley Mae and the Rock Shocker Trek, by Jill Osborne...A Book Review by Firefly

This book was AMAZING!  There were so many mysteries that formed a big, huge one.  The storyline is great.  The girl in the book, Riley Mae, gets offered a job as a spokesperson for outdoor shoes.  She says yes.  But she never knew how much work all this would take!

Riley Mae has to miss softball season, her favorite sport and time of year, to model for shoes.  But something isn't quite right.  And as Riley Mae begins to investigate, she realizes people around her aren't exactly who they say they are.  Things become more and more dangerous.  Someone's life may be in danger!

Can Riley Mae not only keep her contract promise, but also make sure that lives are saved?  This mysterious book all makes sense in the end.  Everyone should read this book, but be aware that some parts are a little nerve-wracking!

(That was Firefly's part.)

(Here is mine...)

I didn't get a chance to read this book for myself all the way through--I didn't, because I gave it to Firefly to quickly and she has since hoarded it and read it at least twice!  She read it very quickly and didn't want to put it down.  However, there were about two points in time when she seemed to be a bit scared about the story, which she denies very much when I try to bring it up.

All in all, I would have to agree with Firefly when she gives two thumbs up.  I would just caution Mom or Dad to make sure their kiddo isn't unusually sensitive to "scary" situations in books.

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  1. Hi Nicole,
    I don't want you to post this but since I didn't see a contact button I thought I would ask a question about Heart of Dakota. Which program is Firefly in this year? I am trying to place my son in it for next year. They are the same age. He also have some sensory issues as Firefly. He is totally bored with what we are doing. He wants more hands on things. He also doesn't like to read or have anything to do with writing. Do you think HOD would be a good fit for him? We will be using our own Grammar program that he doesn't care for but tolerates.



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