"From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised." Psalm 113:3

Monday, February 3, 2014

Our Month In Review...January 2014

in my life this month...well, the New Year started out much like the old one finished--full of extracurricular activities for our family.  Like, mostly soccer.

Lots and lots and lots of soccer.  And so it shall be for the next few months.  Firefly started the month off with a 3v3 tournament on an amazingly warm January weekend--thank goodness!  Turtle spent my birthday weekend playing in a town about an hour away--up above her team is lined up before playing for the championship.  The weekend after that was bitterly cold as we traveled for Firefly to play again, with a new club team.  And going into February, I see much more soccer in my future--three of the four weekends find us soccer-ing away.

Good thing I like to watch it!

in our homeschool this month...Turtle is chugging along in her schoolwork, and has put in an application for an advanced program in high school next year.  (Prayers would be appreciated!)  Firefly is working through her Heart of Dakota work, and learning about Daniel, Babylon, and the Ancient Chinese and Indian cultures.  We are at a complete standstill in math, which I will go into more later.  Bug and I are still unit studying away, this month learning all about Popcorn, thanks to Amanda Bennett!  In February, we are headed into Olympic studies!

Invisible Ink of "the writing on the wall"

places we're going and people we're seeing...besides soccer fields and referees, you mean?  Well, let's see.  Firefly finally got her birthday party about a month after her birthday.  We had an indoor campout theme, and I am so very thankful for my Turtle.  I don't do loud, messy fun.  I don't often do large groups of giggly, screaming tweens.  And I don't do theme parties.

But Turtle does!  And she does it oh-so-well!  Lots of giggly, screaming girls, lots of messy fun, and a complete success!

Working on log cabins for a contest, s'mores, "happy camper" goody bags, campout Bingo...a great time was had by all!

We also found some time this month (on the way home from soccer, haha!) to use one of our Christmas gifts--year long, weekday passes to Disney!  It's so great to be a homeschooler! 

It's been several years since we've been, and you might not know it, but Disney is my very favorite place of all time!  On this day we got to visit Magic Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios!

I was definitely in my happy place--and we get to go all year!!!

things i'm working on...math with Firefly.  We are at a standstill and I cannot bear to fight with her about it anymore.  Ever.  I am struggling to find an alternative for her.  I have attempted to enroll her in our county's virtual school, but can't get anyone to call me back.  I have attempted to make her teach herself but she refuses to open the book without a huge fit.  For now, we are on hold.  Because I. will. not. do. math. with. her.  Ever.

Any suggestions?

things i'm praying for...an answer to the math question.  My dear friend, her family, and her deployed hubby.  Many people within our bible study who are dealing with severe illnesses.  My father, with Alzheimer's Disease and his wife.  Patience.

things i'm grateful for...health.  Homeschooling.  Strength.  And those few moments when my kiddos show me they are getting it...check out Bug's unsolicited "book report" on a "Jack and Annie" book (aka Magic Tree House).  Yes, he was supposed to be getting dressed and doing chores, but I think you might agree that this was way cooler!

 And it came complete with about an hour's worth of narration on exactly what everything was!

posts you may have missed...Christmas Cookies

a picture to share...me and my Bug.  Love that boy!

 How was your January?


  1. We are using Khan Academy @ http://www.khanacademy.org/
    It is free! My 11 yr old boy detests math with his whole heart. I also believe he may be special needs somewhere along the line (never tested). We have been using Khan I believe since November. They have videos that explain the problems. Sometimes I don't understand the videos but we either figure it out or wait until the next day where we might have a light bulb come one. I don't have near the struggle with him now as I did with other math curriculum. Mind you, he still has his days where he will refuse to do his math but not as often. For this I am grateful! I have him do 30-40 min of it 4 days a week. I have a notebook where I write down what he did, how many problems he did total and which ones he got wrong and right. This way I can actually give him a grade that he wants. *wink* Hope this helps some.

    1. Carole, how do you decide which lessons to do on Khan? I've peeked over there a few times but always get intimidated and leave quickly, lol! I'd love to know more specifics on how you use it...



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