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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cloak of the Light...A Book Review...

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Do you ever wonder what "else" might be out there?  What good and evil forces are around us every day, waging war on each other and on us?  These questions are part of the storyline for Cloak of the Light, by Chuck Black, the first book in the Wars of the Realm series, a Christian Science-Fiction series.

Drew Carter is a boy that we watch grow into a young man, who seems to be perpetually followed by tragedy.  Each time he seems to be getting "ahead", something horrible happens to drag him back down.  And it all comes to a head in college, when he is involved in an awful accident during a physics experiment gone bad.  Drew loses his sight, his best friend, and his motivation, all in one fell swoop, and it seems there is nothing left to live for.

However, Drew begins to regain the use of his eyes, against all odds, and then quickly discovers that he has regained much more than that.  Suddenly, he can experience everything in a new way:  heightened hearing, quicker reflexes, faster movements--and he can see things that no one else can.  These "beings", or "invaders", at first make Drew question his sanity, and then give him something new to live for:  saving humanity from them.

Drew goes on the run to try to find his best friend, who may hold the secret to getting rid of the invaders.  Along the way, he explores his new abilities, trying to figure out who he needs to become.  Drew enlists the help of some likable characters along the way, including the Reverend Ray and his family, and Sydney, a love interest who won't fall for Drew because he is an unbeliever.

I enjoyed this book, and liked Mr. Black's ability to let out pieces of the overall story a little bit at a time.  I was able to figure out what was happening with the invaders early, but it was interesting to me to watch Drew try to understand it.  There is also a Reader's Guide at the end of the book, which uses Bible verses and commentary to tie things together.

You need to know that this book is only one in a series, so it definitely has a cliffhanger-type ending.  Frustrating, but exciting, all at the same time!  I will let my 8th-grade daughter read it next--it has lots of adventure, a small bit of gore, but nothing that I found inappropriate for her.

This book will be out March 18th, 2014.  You can pre-order it now, by clicking the image below...

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