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Monday, January 27, 2014

Intentional Marriage...A Book Review

So it's now the end of January, and, if you all are anything like me, you are so far back into your normal routine that it feels like the holiday season was years ago. All of those wonderful New Years Resolutions just may have dissolved by now as the busy-ness of everyday life has caught up with us all.

I know that I am definitely caught up in the busyness. And it's not doing pretty things to me, my emotional state, or my relationships with those closest to me. So it was the perfect time for me to get a sneak preview at Crystal Brothers' new ebook, Intentional Marriage: The Art of Loving Your Husband.

This married, homeschooling Momma of two boys has put together a 31 day devotional for all of us wives who may be doing our marriages a disservice. For instance, does any of this sound familiar?

--Daily neglect

Ouch. I know. Me too.

Each day of Crystal's devotional starts with a Bible verse. After that, there is a brief explanation of that day's "challenge", and then some journaling lines for you to document how the challenge went that day. Some examples of the things you will be focusing on are: giving your husband grace, thanking God for him, flirting with him again, and talking less and listening more.

The ideas are practical, simple, and easy to implement. And even better, Crystal includes extra resources at the end of the book that give us 101 ways to bless our husbands, 101 free and cheap date night ideas, and 101 conversation starters. Using these lists, and working through this devotional has been joyful and precious in my home.

I want all of my sweet readers to experience that joy for themselves, their husbands, and their homes. To get yourself a copy of Crystal's book, head over to her website at Serving Joyfully.  This book regularly sells for $4.99, but from today until January 31, 2014, it is only $2.99!

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