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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Five Days of Homeschooling Essentials...A Supportive Husband

5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials

I talked a little bit yesterday about the main way I make it through the hard homeschooling days--through prayer.

There's another, super-important piece in my homeschooling success puzzle, which is my great husband!

Yep, that's him there, under the Mickey pirate bandana!
Let me backtrack a little...

When homeschooling first entered the equation for me (out of nowhere, I might add), I was pretty sure I was crazy.  So I stewed on the idea for a little while before I got the courage up to say something to my dear hubby--who was convinced I was crazy also.

And so, in a brief moment of sanity, I deferred to him (not a normal thing to do at that time), and gave him some time to think the idea over.  And I tried to be patient.

My personality as a compulsive-ish, Type-A-ish lady is to get an idea and jump in full-force, all at once, and I often then tend to drown quickly.

Hubby's personality (although just about as Type-A-ish) is to think, and think, and think some more, considering all aspects of the problem, and working through it in his head to death.

After he finished that process, which took WAY too long, in my opinion, he came back with "it's not a bad idea.  Let's try it for a year and see how it goes."

insert fist pump here

I was fired up!  I had the green light from him and I was ready to jump!  As a matter of fact, I was more than ready, since I had secretly kept on doing my research while he was thinking.  And thinking.  

I kind of figured that once he said yes that he was done with his part.


I was so very wrong.

Over the years that we've continued to homeschool, I see how wrong I was.

Homeschool, in our home, falls mainly in my lap.  I am the one home with the kiddos ninety percent of the time.  I am the one who plans lessons, chooses curriculum, sets up schedules, and "teaches".  Of course, I am also the one who plans meals, grocery shops, cleans, and keeps track of all of the extracurriculars.

He is the one that works so incredibly hard, and so incredibly often, so that I can stay home and do all of that.

He is the one that listens to me go on and on (and on) about curriculum choices--pros, cons, what ifs, and should Is.  You know, all the stuff that us homeschool Mommies like to go over ad nauseum.

He is the one who drops the hammer when the math lesson brought out the nasty side in us--me or the kids.

He is the one who hears me rant and rave over daily frustrations, and then tells me that it's all OK.

He is the principal--the one who backs up the Momma teacher, and reminds the kiddos how blessed we are to be home together, and how lucky they are to be learning this way.

And he's the one who addresses their rolling eyes at that statement.

He is the one who recognizes the look in my eyes at the end of "those" days and sends me in to take a bath with a glass of wine.

He is the one there, with a hug and a smile, for me and for the kiddos, every day.

He listens to memorized poems, deciphers early spelling attempts on a Father's Day card, and patiently explains biology concepts that I've forgotten about years ago.

I am not in this journey alone.  God is walking it with me, and so is my husband.  

I couldn't do it without either of them.

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And make sure to tune in here the rest of the week, while I share some more of our must-haves!  Tomorrow, I'll talk about a key ingredient that I had to learn on-the-job...

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