"From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised." Psalm 113:3

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Five Days of Homeschooling Essentials...Flexibility

5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials

Over the past few days, I've joined with almost ninety other homeschool bloggers to share about what we have found to be absolutely essential in living, teaching, and enjoying our children.  So far, if you've missed it, I've shared about the importance of prayer and the impact of a supportive husband in our homeschool.

Today, I'm going to talk about a really important trait that I don't display often enough:

 Let me start by saying, I am so not good at this.

But, let's face it.  We are homeschooling, sure, but as a direct result of that statement, it shows that we:

--Are home with children all day, who, as a rule, are unpredictable and messy

--Are taking care of said home, while living in it all day, with unpredictable and messy children

--Will occasionally have to attend to needs other than those of the unpredictable and messy children--like those of the unpredictable and messy animals, or unpredictable and messy car, or (unpredictable and messy?) husband...

In a perfect world, my beautifully planned out lessons would happen neatly and exactly between the hours of nine and eleven-thirty am.  My children would be happily engaged in the fun learning activities I planned, there would be no arguing or fighting or crying over math, and they would remember all of the important things they learned for many years.

And then there is life.

Just today, there was fighting over who would feed the dog before eight am.  I overslept and missed my workout time.  I had to drag one child out of bed to go to my bible study time.  I had to miss some of the bible study time to (1) break up an argument between the two children I brought with me, and (2) leave early because one child is still completely overwhelmed from a sleepover birthday party she went to Sunday night and can't regulate herself.

Then we came home and I realized I forgot to take out the meat for dinner.  The perfectly lined-up carpools that I had in place to make tonight's running around do-able fell through with another family's sickness.  My dog ran through his electric fence.

And I forgot to start the laundry.

School?  Oh, yeah.  There's that today, too.

I am convinced that one reason God asked me to homeschool was so that He could laugh at me as He repeatedly tries to teach me that I. Am. Not. In. Control.

Some days are perfectly put together.

Most days aren't.

And on those days that aren't, we homeschooling Mommas need to put on our big girl pants and roll with the punches.

We need to be flexible.

And we need to remember that that's OK to do.

And while we may not be "capable of being bent repeatedly without injury or damage", we will be bent repeatedly.  Usually "repeatedly" will mean several times in the course of a day.

We can do this, ladies.  We are homeschooling Mommas.  We have the super-power of prayer and the gift of flexibility.  

Hear us roar!

(And now, I'm off to practice what I preach.  And find another carpool ride...)

Please make sure to keep coming back here for this five day series that I'm actually only doing for four (perfect show of flexibility, right?)  Also, make sure to peek in at what my Crewmates are listing as their Homeschooling Essentials, especially...

Heather @ Thrift Schooling


  1. This is wonderful! I like to plan out the day and then often watch as my wonderful plans crumble.... Flexibility! YES!

    1. And the crumbling happens just so often, doesn't it? lol! I'll practice my flexibility if you practice yours...



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