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Monday, December 30, 2013

This Is My Life Planner Review...

I am an organizing junkie.  It goes right along with my Type A personality and my control freakishness, I know.

And it kind of takes over this time of year. 

A New Year, a new slate, a new calendar, a new way of doing things...all kinds of things that need to be scheduled, planned, and organized!

Be still, my heart.

So I was thrilled when I was asked by Melissa, over at A Virtuous Woman, to take a look at her new planner and review it for you lovely readers!

Melissa is a pastor's wife who lives in the Appalachian Mountains in Southeastern Kentucky.  She teaches the five of their nine children still at home, and has written several ebooks.  She has been blogging at A Virtuous Woman since 2001.

And she has a new planner out, called "This Is My Life" Planner.

I received the "This is My Life 52-Week Planner + My Life Documented", which sells for $8.95.  The planner I received is 248, simply-laid out, colorful pages full of "extras".  In addition to the weekly planning and menu pages that you would expect to find in a planner, there are pages that help with holiday planning, journal pages, seasonal "bucket lists", and more, including ample Scripture verses, and lessons on becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman.

Here's how I set up my planner...

First, I printed out the first month's pages, hole-punched them, and placed them into a three-ring binder.  When correctly done, the pages will face each other, and easily show a week at a time.  The pages are not dated, so you can start to use them at anytime, and for every year. They are simply, "week one" or "week two".  Here, you can see a place in the front of the planner for our family mission statement, as well as a two-page spread for a week of planning.

Each week contains chore lists, a chart keeping track of water intake (important for busy mommas), and a daily meal plan.  There is also a place for documenting fun or special things that happened in the everyday moments, and reminders to take pictures of them--perfect for those who take part in the Project Life method of scrapbooking your everyday life. 

Additional planning sheets, such as Thanksgiving Meal Planning, or Christmas Gift Buying, show up in the planner at just the right time to remind you to start thinking about those specific items, which is another big help for list-makers like myself.  And those seasonal "bucket lists" that I mentioned before are wonderfully placed right when you would use them, too!

One thing I really liked about the planner was the emphasis on goal setting. Not only does it include the Family Mission Statement page, there are a number of pages that encourage you to set goals for the year, household projects to tackle, and a good look at how you spend your time daily. So, while I could just lesson plan and meal plan, I also forced myself to use all aspects of the planner and really think about where I wanted our family to go this year--things we wanted to accomplish, the life we wanted to try to live. 

I love the look of the planner--colorful and fun, yet simple, too.  I (and my Type A personality) enjoyed the check-off lists that are included, and the extra information that Melissa thinks to include is wonderful.  My favorite parts of the planner were in the beginning--the goal-setting exercises and the scheduling tools.  They really helped me to take a good look at the year ahead.

I think that I will continue to use the planner through the year.  However, since I've hole-punched it and put it into a binder, I'm going to go ahead and include some other simple pages in it to make it the best planner for our home use:  weekly calendar pages where we can track our schedules--things like soccer practices, co-ops, Bible Studies, and the like. That way, this will be a tool that we can use to manage all of our daily lives.

Melissa has a number of options for this planner, however. There is a monthly calendar add-on available for $2.95, and also a Budget add-on available for $3.95 that looks very useful--especially for those of us who may have overspent (just a bit) over the holidays.  You can get the entire bundle for $16.95, and you can compare the different planners to pick the one that's best for your family as well.

Head on over to visit Melissa and take a good look at the Planner.  I think you'll thank her for making such a cute and useful tool! 


  1. sounds like a good planner. Thanks for sharing it with me. :)

  2. I am using this planner now and love it! My favorite two parts- tracking how much water I drink each day and the This Weeks Chores reminder! We do a great job of daily tasks, but the infrequent big ones like washing inside of the windows can get away with you if no one reminds you!

    1. Michele, you're exactly right! I'm pretty sure our windows have been a long time without washing, haha. I'm so glad this planner works for you!



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