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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our Favorite Christmas Book Tradition...

I am a lover of books.  AND I am a lover of Christmas.

So, when we are starting to talk Christmas books, it is game. on. for me!

I have been collecting Christmas books for years--I'm quite sure at least since my oldest was born thirteen Christmases ago.  We have quite a collection by now, many well-chewed board books, beautiful hardcover books with heartfelt inscriptions from far away aunts and uncles, classic books, fun books, sing-along books, books of Santa and snowmen, and books of the Christmas story.

Part of our Christmas (days-long) decorating process involves pulling out the "book bin".  Usually, I have to time it just right, because once I bring it out, very little helping gets done by my kiddos afterward.  They enjoy sitting down and flipping through the familiar stories over and over again.

However, for the past several years, we've started a tradition with our books that seems to be a hit.  Before I pull out the book bin for public consumption (lol), I pull several of the best-loved stories out and wrap them up.  Then I put them out with the others.

Each day, one of the kiddos gets to pick out a wrapped book, and that's the one we sit down and read together to kick off "Christmas School" for the day.  There's just something about unwrapping a timeless, familiar favorite that puts us in the Christmas mood.

It's one of our favorite, but easiest,  Christmas traditions.

What do you do at your house to enjoy special books?  Take a peek at what some of my Crew-mates are doing with their favorites.

Christmas Books

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