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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

TOS Review Crew Blue Ribbon Awards! The Best of the Best...

I have been blessed to be on The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew this year, and my family and I have been able to review over twenty-five homeschool-related products!  As in, we got to touch them, use them, play with them, and fully discover what they could offer.  It's been so very exciting for this curriculum junkie Momma, and I think the kiddos have enjoyed (most of) it too.

But let me tell you, we were just the tip of the iceberg--there were 86 homeschool companies represented in this year's Crew Reviews, and over 200 Crew reviewers!  And now all of the reviewers have gotten together to vote on our favorites of all of the items that we got to explore...

And the results are in!

There were 38 different categories, and I'm thrilled to tell you that many of my personal favorites made it into the winner's slot:

Favorite Handwriting Curriculum:  Handwriting Without Tears

Favorite Writing Curriculum / Favorite Middle School Resource / Favorite High School Resource:  Institute for Excellence in Writing

Favorite Language Arts Curriculum:  Moving Beyond the Page

Favorite Social Studies Curriculum:  Notgrass Company

Favorite Math Resource:  Math Rider

Favorite Parent Resource:  Picaboo Yearbooks

Best Children's Book:  Barbour Publishing

Best Game or Toy:  Chess House

Teen's Choice:  The Presidential Game

Favorite Science Curriculum / Favorite Elementary Resource / Best Hands-On Resource / Most Adaptable Resource / Most Family-Oriented Resource / AND All-Around Crew Favorite:  

Make sure you've checked out these resources--some of them would make great Christmas gifts--and then head on over to the TOS Crew blog to read about all of the other winners.

It was an amazing year, and I'm hoping to be able to do it again next year.  This list of incredible vendors was just overwhelming, in a wonderful way!


  1. Some of our favorites made the list too! Picaboo, HWT, IEW and the Presidential Game!

    1. Picaboo was so much fun! And IEW is amazing!



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