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Friday, November 29, 2013

Our Homeschool Month in Review...November

in my life this month...soccer, soccer, and more soccer!  Just as the full-sided, club season ended for both of my girls in the middle of this month, the school season started for Turtle.  Yes, even though she is homeschooled, she is able to play for the Junior High School we are zoned for.  (I believe it's called the Tim Tebow law, lol!)  So one season wound down and another amped right back up.


But, at the same time, Bug's first season of flag football came to a close, and golf lessons are ending.  We may start to get a bit of a break here soon after all.

I've also spent a lot of time outside of my comfort zone this month, getting ready for a craft fair that our homeschool group is putting on in early December.  Did I ever tell you all how much I hate to craft?  Really, really hate it.

So why I am doing it for the craft fair?  Well, I had every intent of just ignoring the whole thing--until a well-meaning friend told my girls about it.

And then my plans came crashing down.

Because my girls love to craft.  And make money.  And so they made me get us a spot in the fair.

And so we've been crafting.


(But I am proud of how my jars came out!)

in our homeschool this month...we are still using centers for the majority of Bug's learning.  This month he learned about Ancient Greece (mirroring Firefly's Preparing Hearts for His Glory curriculum) and also spent some time learning in a Thanksgiving center.  For some reason, Singapore Math 1B begins some multiplication learning, so Bug was completely pumped to be learning something he remembers Firefly just doing.  (and doing, and doing--for like eighteen months!)

Firefly is making nice progress in her Heart of Dakota program.  This month we learned about Ancient Greeks and Romans, King David, and Solomon.  She and Bug are also continuing to work in Apologia's Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics, learning the states of matter, and we attempted to make sorbet.  That didn't work so well...

Turtle has made it through two volumes of the Story of the World, ahead of pace.  Her co-op is taking a bit of a Christmas break, so her workload is about to slow down.  She's still cruising through her VideoText Online Algebra, though.  Thank goodness for that program!

places we are going and people we are seeing...best thing EVER!  We took a week off early this month to take a five-day Disney Cruise!!!

I LOVE me some Disney!

It was just a wonderful, amazing time for our family to relax and bond together.  Poppy joined us as well, and, did I mention it was amazing?

We also managed to fit in a field trip to a local grocery store, another trip to the Food Pantry, and a quiet Thanksgiving at home.

my favorite thing this month...my time with Mickey!

what's working / not working...our centers are working very well for Bug, and he seems to enjoy school again (as long as I don't call attention to the joy, haha!)  I promise I'll talk more about how we've set that up soon...

things i'm working on...crafts.  Ugh again.

things i'm grateful for...i have such a list of blessings!  But, especially today, on Black Friday, I am thankful for those of you who are shopping through my Amazon affiliate link.  You all are the best!  Thank you for thinking of me when you shop and letting our family benefit from your purchases.

things i'm praying for...my uncle, who is battling cancer.  A friend who went through a bout with kidney stones.  Another friend whose husband is deployed, and for her husband.  And, new to us as of Thanksgiving Day, our Compassion child, Isaac.

posts and reviews from the month...

a photo to share...our kitty, Gizmo, has decided the computer is a warm place to lay down during school time!

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