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Monday, October 7, 2013

The Homeschool Mom's Bible. A TOS Crew Review...

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Zondervan, a part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, has an eighty-year history as a Christian publisher, and they have so many beautiful and wonderful Christian books--including Bibles!  They offer over 12,000 books, devotionals, Bibles, DVDs, audiobooks, and so many other products, and I've often found myself browsing through their collection.

I was honored to be chosen for a review of The Homeschool Mom's Bible (NIV), which is one product I've looked at over and over, and I was thrilled to be able to have it in my hands and really get to explore it!

This Bible is a hardbound, original Bible with the New International Version translation, but it has a few special options that are specifically helpful for the Homeschool Mom:

--Foreword, written by Vickie Farris, wife of HSLDA Founder, Dr. Michael Farris.  She has homeschooled ten children!  She gets it, ladies, and she encourages us to keep in God's word in the midst of the busy-ness.

--Daily Devotions, written by Janet Tatum.  She has homeschooled over 25 years and has four children.  She has also worked as a copywriter for Alpha Omega Publications and has written daily devotions for several years.  

--Topical Index, to quickly find Scripture passages related to specific ideas

What Did I Receive and How Did I Use It?

I received a hard-cover copy of the Homeschool Mom's Bible (NIV).  It sells for $34.99, and is also available in Italian Duo-Tone copies for an additional price.  You can order the Bible in King James Version as well.

I used this Bible daily during the review period.  Not only did I use it for my daily Bible study, I turned to the devotions every morning.  There are 365 daily devotions contained in this Bible, and they are all dated by calendar date.  Each devotion begins with a Scripture verse, followed by a practical application of the verse toward a homeschooling life.

For example, some of the devotional topics include:  Cleaning Day, Hide and Seek, Second Starts, The Ongoing Battle, and Let's Play.  After the devotional story, there is a short prayer focusing on the topic of the devotional.  All of the devotions are one page, short enough for a busy homeschool Momma to read and pray and start her day off on the right foot!

If you would like to get a look at the passages, you can find a sample of them here.

What Did I Think?

I think this Bible is a wonderful resource for homeschooling Mommas.  I always feel better, and my day runs better, when I start it off in God's Word, but more often than I want to admit, it is hard to find the time to really get some good study time in.  With this Bible, I was always looking forward to the devotion specific to the day, and it was literally the first thing I reached for as I got out of bed on many days.  Ms. Tatum does a great job talking directly to homeschool Moms, and can address things that are on our minds.  She encourages us, and then she helps us to soak ourselves in the Scriptures.  This is an amazing resource from Zondervan.

One thing that this Bible isn't, is a study Bible.  When I would delve deeper into my Community Bible Study, I would tend to turn back to my old, study Bible.  However, the benefits of the Homeschool Mom's Bible were so wonderful that I've made do with using both on a regular basis!

Make sure you take a look to see what my Crewmates thought of their Bibles, and then head over to Zondervan to get your own!


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  1. sounds like a nice bible. So glad you are enjoying it. :)

  2. I am hoping that this shows up as a momma gift this year! Thank you for sharing your experience.

  3. I think as homeschooling moms, we all need to be encouraged. What can be better than picking up God's word, being fed by Him, and also reading something specifically encouraging to homeschooling moms. Sounds like something I'd like in my collection.



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