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Friday, August 23, 2013

Homeschool Mother's Journal...August 2013

In my life this week...we practiced flexibility.  A lot.  We started the week out with a bang, and then it all came to a quick stop when I had four hours of dental work done on Tuesday.  And can I just tell you that I am TERRIFIED of the dentist?  Like, a serious phobia.

Four hours, people.

Horror movie bad.  And then I spent the rest of the day recovering.

Turtle's had babysitting jobs off and on, co-op started this week, and lots and lots of rain has kept soccer practice away, so we have just been trying to roll with the punches daily.  And this Type A Momma is stressing out just a bit!

In our homeschool this week...we did manage to get a few good days worth of learning in, though--that's probably what's gotten me so stressed out--trying to get the days in!  Bug is finishing Unit 3 of Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory, and we've been studying the Pilgrims, and Firefly is starting Unit 3 of Preparing Hearts for His Glory, and is immersed in learning about Noah's Ark.

Turtle is just being quite the champ at her schoolwork, and I can tell you that her attitude has come 180 degrees from where we were when we pulled her out of school last year.  She is enjoying co-op very much, and is just amazing getting her work done early in the day.  I'm so proud of her!

I've started trying to have "Fun Fridays" as an incentive for the kiddos to stay on track through the week (well, the little ones, anyway).  This week, Bug got to do Fun Friday, which is when we pick a unit study to focus on for the day.  He wanted to learn about volcanoes, so today we made a cool (and edible) model of the layers of the earth--which both of his sisters promptly decided they needed to try, too!

I'm working on...well, there MAY have been a closet in our home that MAY have been overfull for some time now, that my hubby MAY have said bad words about the last time he went in there.  All clean now, ladies and gentlemen--like two weeks after I started the process.  

My favorite thing this week...leaving the dentist's office.  Best. Thing. Ever.

My kiddo's favorite thing...I'm thinking Turtle's highlight was the soccer tournament they won this past weekend.

Firefly finally saved enough money to order the American Girl, Saige, and she showed up at our home on Monday.

Bug's favorite thing this week was ice cream for dinner last night.

I'm grateful for...good friends who bring soup for dinner after marathon dental appointments, prayers from friends and strangers that brought me peace when I was scared, safety for everyone close despite the torrential rains.

On the blog...Lots of reviews going on over here!  This week we reviewed Reading Kingdom, Family Hope Center, and In the Hands of a Child.  Turtle also showcased some more of her pictures on Turtle Tuesday.

A photo to share...
We hit the cleat jackpot when shopping between tournament games this weekend!  Happy, happy, happy!


  1. I love your Fun Friday motivator! That's a great idea. Also, I just love your blog name and header. So glad I found you.

    1. Aww, thank you for your sweet words! Welcome and I'm so glad you found me too!



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