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Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School Traditions. 2013...

Or, in other words, the blog post in which I pretend to be more organized than I really am!

I spoke last year, just glowingly, about the importance of traditions in families.  I showed you wonderful pictures of some of our first day of homeschool traditions that we had kept up for several "first days".

Wanna know what else is a tradition in our homeschool?  Momma has trouble keeping up with herself! Or maybe, it's that Momma decides things at the last minute that sound like they are such good ideas at the time that they just HAVE to be done.  Like, right away.

Which also means that sometimes our traditions go flying out the window.

NOT that that happened this school year or anything.

What DID actually happen was that I was over the bickering.  The it's-too-hot-to-go-outside-and-I'm-sick-of-the-pool-and-all-I-want-to-do-is-fight-with-my-siblings bickering.

Completely over it.

And so I spontaneously decided that my kiddos must have been bored and needed to start school.

This was on a Sunday night, y'all, and we were going to start that Monday morning if it killed me!

Enter a quick trip to Target and some strategic last-minute planning, and thanking God for clearance merchandise, and we were set to start school.

What Traditions Did We Add This Year?

Or, in other words, how did I try to make up for the lack of pancake mix and number-shaped pancakes for breakfast this year?


Otherwise known as fun new learning toys and shiny new sharpened pencils to go with our new calendar notebooks at breakfast on the first day.

Everyone got a board game, as well, and we made sure to take time after lunch to play all three!

What Traditions Did We Keep From Years Past?

Study Buddies!
This is one that we've managed to do each year we have homeschooled.  Usually, we do it before we start, or on the first day, but since I made such a rash decision, we had to wait until I could afford a trip to Build-a-Bear--which took until about Week Three!

Each year, each kiddo gets a new stuffed friend to help them with their schoolwork.  Turtle got one as well, but she refused to be in the pictures!  Too cool for photos, but definitely not too cool for a teddy bear, lol!

This seems to be a favorite back-to-school tradition for all three of my students, so I'm sure we'll be keeping this one for a long time to come.

We also make sure to go somewhere fun each year on the day that our county's public schoolers go back to school--kind of to celebrate that the pools, parks, movie theaters, libraries, etc, belong to us again.  (Is that mean?)

This year we went to our favorite frozen yogurt place for a nice, healthy lunch!  We met up with a few other homeschool friends and enjoyed not being crowded.  I think we'll keep that tradition up, too!

What Back-to-School Traditions Do You Keep?

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