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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Q is for Quiet Time...

I know I've written about Quiet Time before.  And my original idea for today's post was to find the first post and completely update it, because you know everything in it had to have changed by now, right?

Yeah--not really.  So I invite you to just click on over and see what Quiet Time looked like in our home over two years ago.

It looks pretty much the same now.  It's still about ninety minutes, when we can fit them in.

It's still an extremely cherished time of day for me.  As a matter of fact, it might be one of the three parts of the day that keeps me sane--the other two being prayer and exercise times.  And it is also the reason that this blog has existed for so long--as Quiet Time is when the blogging gets done.

It still involves my kiddos taking time for themselves in their rooms.  Occasionally I get suckered into letting two of them play together, but I always regret that choice later.  I'm pretty sure Quiet Time was designed to be independent.

The thing that has changed?  It's no longer a fight.  My kiddos will regularly ask for Quiet Time and know the rules.  We do still have days when I see way too much of them during that time, but those days are more rare now.  And more and more I have one of my three asking for Quiet Time to happen.

(It remains to be seen if that's because they've noticed that Mommy tends to be much happier AFTER Quiet Time, haha!)

So, weary Mommies, if you have been wondering about starting a Quiet Time at your house, or if you have tried it and are losing patience with the seemingly never-ending trips to take little ones back to their rooms or answering "how much longer"s, hang tough.

I was there.  Two years ago, I have the written proof that I was there.  But everyone needs a little break from a busy day.  Keep taking them back to their rooms.  Keep answering those how much longer questions.  And keep working toward a true Quiet Time.

You'll be so glad you did.  

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