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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Here's What's Coming in August!!

Wow!  There is a busy month for us up ahead, both personally and here on the blog.  While I won't bore you with our personal travels and details (until they happen and I get really good pictures, lol!), I wanted to give you a sneak peek at what good things you'll find on my blog in August:

I am part of The Old Schoolhouse's Five Days Series--there will be over 90 bloggers participating, with all kinds of homeschooling, parenting, crafting, and other kinds of series.  Make sure to tune in beginning August 5th!

Upcoming Reviews:

We have been reviewing our little patooties off over the summer, and many of those reviews will show up this month.  We've been using:

 photo logo_zpsd228aed3.png

 photo notgrass_logo_zps18b23376.jpg

Reading Kingdom logo photo readingkingdomlogo_zps9012735a.jpg

You'll get to hear about all of those, plus some others, over the next month! 

I also hope to be part of the iHomeschoolNetwork.com's Not Back To School Blog Hop.

So, you'll be hearing from me bunches next month.  Guess I'd better go get a head start on some of this writing!

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