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Friday, May 17, 2013

"I" is for Ipad...

Blogging Through the Alphabet

I love my iPad!  When I first got it, the original iPad, for Christmas one year, I was incredibly mad at hubby for having spent the money on something I didn't want and would never use.

By the end of that Christmas Day, no one else was allowed to use it!

I use it all the time, but have now graduated to letting my kiddos use it too--for school time...

(insert evil laugh here...)

Here are our top ten favorite apps (not top ten favorite FREE apps, mind you) for the iPad:

1.  Stack the States:  We went all out and purchased the "not free" version, and have many times used this as our geography lesson for the day.  It's a very favorite--of mine and of theirs.  (.$99)

2.  Stack the Countries:  See above--except this one covers the whole wide world!! ($1.99)

3.  Math Bingo:  My kiddos love them some "Bingo Bugs"! ($.99)

4.  Shopping Cart:  Confession time--I've never actually watched my kiddos play this one.  I've stood by and listened and know that it does legitimately have something to do with math, but that's about as far as I've gotten.  But Firefly, especially, really likes it.  ($2.99)

5.  Teach Me Kindergarten and Teach Me First Grade:  This one I've watched.  And it's a winner! ($1.99)

6.  Kindle:  SUCH a great tool, both for me, and for my younger kiddos as we've started reading some of the classics, like The Black Stallion.  It seems to be so much more fun to read when we can do it on something electronic, I guess!  (FREE)

7.  Homeschool Helper:  THIS is the planner that works for us.  I've slacked a bit over the past few weeks, but it really helps me with my lesson planning, workbox filling, and what-did-we-do-again-today question answering.  It also keeps track of attendance, reading logs, and field trips.  ($4.99)

8.  Math Quiz Game Show:  My kiddos think this is hysterical, and I like that I can choose the categories and the level for them before they play. ($1.99)

9.  Boggle:  Yes, it's a game, but it's great for spelling...AND I love the Boggle letter shaking sound--I'm not going to lie!  (FREE)

10.  Candy Crush:  Look, if that's my biggest guilty pleasure, I'm in good shape--and good company, too, I'm sure! (FREE)


What are your favorite iPad apps?  How do you use yours for schooling?  Do YOU Candy Crush?

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