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Monday, April 15, 2013

Living Wax Museum Memories...

Each spring, a wonderful Mommy in our homeschool community organizes a Living Wax Museum for our kiddos.  The idea is that each child is an exhibit in a wax museum and holds a "frozen" pose until visitors come around and "push the button".  Once their button is pushed, they come alive and give a monologue about themselves, complete with a Question and Answer session.

The trick is that they have to be a Biblical, historical, or literary character, or an inventor or invention.  

This was our second year participating, and we love it!  It is really a first-class event, and all of the kids do an amazing job.  This year, children from five years old to sixteen years old participated, and the exhibits ranged from full-out presentation boards and full props to simple costumes and chairs (us).

All three of mine participated this year:

Bug was a guest at Carnival at Venice, circa the 1500's (thank you, Magic Tree House)...
...Firefly was William Wynne, American soldier from World War Two, who owned Smoky, the soldier dog...
...and Turtle was Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicolaevna.

They did such a wonderful job, and it was a great time!

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