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Friday, April 12, 2013

Leadership Garden Legacy. A TOS Crew Review...

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As a mom of daughters, I am keenly aware of the way our world tears down little girls, sometimes.  Peer pressure, parental pressure, society pressure--all of it is really scary, scary stuff.

That's one reason my girlies were offered opportunities by my hubby and I to play sports, and one very big reason why I'm completely grateful that they continue to play, and love it.

It's also the reason that I leapt at the opportunity to review the Leadership Garden Legacy materials.

After all, "cultivating our children's unique leadership" is a wonderful gift that I can give my daughters. Helping them to "bloom", and grow strong and confident can help to downplay some of that pressure.

What is Leadership Garden Legacy? and What Did We Review?

Leadership Garden Legacy is a company founded by Debra J. Slover to help realize her lifelong passion to empower the leader in everyone.  She currently offers trainings and seminars, along with the published tools that are offered on her website.

We received some of these tools:


We also received a Kids Activity Book (pdf file) 8.95, the Leadership Garden Guidebook ($18.95), and the U.N.I.Q.U.E. KIDS audiofile.($8.95)
Although I read U.N.I.Q.U.E.:  Growing the Leader Within, and the Leadership Garden Guidebook, we primarily used the children's paperback and activity book, so I'll focus on those.
UNIQUE Kids Activity book photo leadership-kids-activity-guide_zps54f3f800.jpgUNIQUE Kids book photo leadership-uniquekidsbook_zps3822722c.jpg

U.N.I.Q.U.E. KIDS is a cute story about a sheep named Hugh who doesn't feel very good about himself, or very confident.  He happens upon some kind humans who tend to their Leadership Garden, and becomes interested in what they have to say.  With their help, and the help of some of the animals on the Leadership Garden, he learns to find the leader within himself, and his own Understanding, Nurturing, Inventive, Quality, Unstoppable, Expression of himself.

Each chapter of the story is followed by several questions and thinking activities designed to reinforce the ideas introduced, and the Activity Guide also includes activities to go along with the chapters.

How Did We Use These Materials?

These books and materials are suggested for ages 5-12, so since most of my kiddos fell into that age range (13, 10, and 6), we used these together during our group school time.  I read the story as a read-aloud, although both of my older two could have read this on their own, and we talked about the questions and did the activities from the Activity Guide together.

The Activity Guide suggests putting together Leadership Garden Journals, but we did not do this this time around.  We did most of our work orally, together at the table.

Here we are doing my kiddos' absolutely favorite Leadership Garden activity--taking a "Brain Field Trip".  We were using the five main senses to gather information in order to make a choice.  The activity involved using a cookie to experience all five senses.

The other pieces of the program, U.N.I.Q.U.E.:  Growing the Leader Within, and the Leadership Garden Guidebook, are the adult counterpart to the kids program.  They complement each other very well, with the "adult" piece going more in-depth and deeper in looking at ourselves.  I read through them on my own, but did not fully utilize those, since we were all going through the KIDS program together.

What Did I Think About the Program?

So.  I liked the idea of the program.  I loved that Ms. Slover used a metaphor for leadership that was easy for kids to relate to.  The story was fun, and the characters were adorable, and the activities (as you can see above, lol!) were enjoyable for all of us.

I also liked the idea of cultivating leadership.  I've already told you how important I think that is, especially for my girls.  And some of the tools, such as learning to recognize negative emotions or thoughts (weeds) and getting rid of them, are amazingly helpful, and we use them often.

However, this program was not a great fit for our family.  Although the garden metaphor was beautiful, and consistent throughout the story, we're not gardeners, or very "flowery", so there were probably more giggles than there needed to be.  Also, I'm very conscious of making sure to include God in our growth, and of asking Him for help, and He's not really included in this story.

I can see this being a really good fit for a family with children in the 8-10 age range who is a bit more "outdoorsy" and "nature-oriented" than we tend to be.

What Did My Kids Think?

"I understood it, and I could see the point they were trying to make.  It was kind of easy to understand.  But I thought it was silly."  (Firefly, age 10)

"I kind of liked it, because it was funny.  But I agree with Firefly."  (Bug, age 6)

So, for us, not the best fit.  Still, a great idea, and a fun story that gets the points across.

If you'd like to see what my Crewmates thought of Leadership Garden Legacy, check them out below.


After you check them out, make sure you take advantage of the 20% off discount that Leadership Garden Legacy is offering to our readers if you think that this program is for you!  Until May 31st, just enter TOS-SS20D as a coupon code and you will get your discount!

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