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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Day. April 2013.

No April's Fool's Day pranks here, ladies and gentlemen.  I saw so many cute and fun ideas online, and thought to myself...

"Wow--those take a lot of work."

(Remember REAL?)

So, even though in my head I knew there was such a thing as April Fool's Day, I made the executive decision to not mention it to my kids and mental note-it to try to get ready earlier next year.

Yeah, right.

So...minus the pranks, here is a look at our first day of April...
 Bad picture--but the point is that we overslept...

...and by "overslept", I mean I rolled out of bed at 7:30, which made me miss my workout time with hubby, and my shower, since we had to leave the house at 7:40 for an 8:00 well-child checkup for Firefly.  (When will I learn not to schedule 8 am doctor's appointments?)
 I set up a "breakfast bar" for the kiddos left at home.  Since Firefly wasn't eating yet, notice the wonderfully healthy and real choices!  (Her organic cereal is hiding in the back, lol!)

 I got dressed in my workout clothes in a lame attempt to make myself workout later (which of course didn't happen)...
...and we were off to the doctor's.  Firefly absolutely LOVED being woken up, LOVED being taken out of the house without breakfast, and REALLY LOVED her new gown!  On the plus side, she has hit the growth curve!  All the way to the 10th percentile for weight and the 20th for height!  5'11'', here we come, haha!
 Had to stop at the car place to once again drop off my new car for the radio that they never manage to fix.  See the black screen?  Yeah, it's not really supposed to look like that...

 Came home just in time for breakfast--STILL happening at home.  Seems since the time change that the before school part of our day is taking a really, really long time.
 Morning jobs--here is one of mine.  Turn on Hair-y!
Another one--can anyone relate??
This is Bug's week to load the dishwasher.  That's always my favorite because of all of the unusual places he puts the cups...

 And finally!  School has begun!

 Math flashcards.  It was a tough day today, so we tried them inside the Body Sox AND the swing.

 Bug is STILL trying to get himself ready for schooling.  Today he decided he needed to take a bath first.  Guess he worked up a sweat doing those dishes!
 Turtle is working diligently on her virtual course...
 ...while our distraction named Tigger lounges in the sun.  (For about thirty seconds.  Then he will be back to wreak havoc on moving pencils and human feet!)
 Finally Bug is ready and Turtle has pity on me and reads his Science to him.  Note Tigger has resumed attack mode,  lol!
 Firefly and I are working on another unit study.  This time it's horses.
 And ANOTHER movement break for Firefly.

 ...and then a kitty check-up for Tigger.
MORE movement breaks for Firefly after the vet trip.

And then I forgot to take pictures any more!  The trampoline break was followed by a hurried dinner, a run to pick up our organic produce, and of course, a trip to the soccer fields.  I did remember when the house finally quieted down to take a final picture...
 ...making pumpkin muffins for tomorrow's breakfast.

And then laundry.

And then bed.


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