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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"D" is for Dogs. Our First Unit Study!

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"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole."  Roger Caras

Dogs are awesome.  They are great companions and are wonderful helpers.  Dogs are great actors in movies, and are perfect pals.

Dogs are loyal companions.  They are always happy to snuggle with you, and are very playful and happy.  They love to be pet, and they love to give kisses.  They will cuddle and sleep with you, and when you love them, they will always love you back!

Dogs are terrific helpers.  Dogs help in many ways.  Some help police find drugs.  Others are therapy dogs, which means they go to retirement homes with their owner, and cheer up the elderly.  Many are guides for the blind.  They are wonderful helpers.

There are a lot of famous dogs.  Some were famous in movies, some were heroes, and some even saved lives!  Lassie was an actor in lots of movies, Laika was the first dog to go to space, and Barry saved people under snow.  Smoky led soldiers the safest way around bombs during war, and Balto delivered desperately needed medicine to children during a blizzard.  Seaman traveled across the country with Lewis and Clark, and Millie lived in the White House.  There are many more not mentioned here.  Dogs are heroes!

Dogs will love and care for their owners.  They help police and others, they are actors, and they are companions in many ways.  They make their owner laugh on the inside and out, and that's why they are perfect pets.

--by Firefly, age 10

This was Firefly's first long essay, and a perfect way for us to finish up our dog unit study!  We used Amanda Bennett's four week unit study, and supplemented with dog information galore...

Dog shows on TV

Dog stories

Lots and lots of dog care

and even a trip to our vet's office to observe surgery!

We had a great time with this fun way to learn...and now we've moved along to horses--watch out!


  1. Oh, a trip to the vet! What a fun way to complete the unit :)

  2. I enjoyed Firefly's essay!

    I posted D is for Dog too...she's definitely a loyal companion to our kids!



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