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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

If You Give a Homeschool Mom Some Money...

She's going to want to buy things.

So she'll go to Target.

And she'll find treasure box toys.

And Dollar Spot workbooks.

And things to ORGANIZE with.

So she'll buy lots of stuff (mostly bins and things).

And she'll bring them all home.

And she'll go to her schoolroom and look around.

And realize she didn't have enough money to buy bins for everything.

So she'll decide she needs to cut down on her stuff.

So she'll take her books off the shelf one by one.

And make piles (you know--keep, donate, throw away).

And her shelves will get neater, but her floor will get messier, with all of the piles.

And she might even move furniture around, to show off the new bins.

And then she'll realize she needs to take drawers out of the furniture, to move it more easily.

And then she'll need to clean out the drawers.

And her drawers will get neater, but her floor will get messier--some more.

And then her walls look bare, from where she moved the furniture away.

So she'll find things to hang (MORE bin-type container-type stuff, if she's lucky!)

And then her husband will come home when she's hammering things into the wall to hang.

And then she'll have to stop, and look around at the big mess she's made, and realize dinner and laundry never got done for the day, and she has a hammer in her hand.

And if she has a nice husband, he'll take her out for dinner.

But she'll get no more money for a while!

(And it may be a bit scarce on the blog posting, too--until I clean up my mess, lol!)

Can anyone relate?



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