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Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Traditions--Happy Math Day!

You may remember how much we really don't like math so much at our house...

I believe I've probably mentioned the tears a time or two, haha!

But it's still something that I think is important, and so we struggle through it day after day after day.  We bribe, we cry, we tantrum along with our adding, subtracting, and multiplying.

But, lo and behold, after many months and different curriculums and lots and lots and LOTS of work, 

Firefly has mastered her multiplication tables!!!!

And, so, in the spirit of bribery and making-up-for-being-the-mean-math-mommy, we threw ourselves a math party!

And, in the spirit of me being a pretty simple gal who lacks the art chromosome, it was a pretty simple affair.

Chocolate muffins, complete with candle...

and a couple of renditions of "Happy Math Day to You!"...

followed by a pretty awesome dance party!

How do you all celebrate the hard-won milestones in your homeschool?

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