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Monday, January 21, 2013

A Trip Around the World: Homeschool-Style

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Do you know where Thailand is? How about how to find Ethiopia? Or what the capital of India is?

I do, I do!

But to be fair, I only just learned--and my ten year-old probably will answer more quickly than me!

We are studying World Geography this year--a decision made fairly recently after spending time watching the Olympics extensively and fielding questions such as: what state is Canada in, Mom? And well, does it snow in Spain?

It was made crystal clear to me that my kiddos were sorely lacking in their geography knowledge--and that hubby and I weren't that far behind.

And with the instantaneous, invasive, all-encompassing global culture that we are living in these days, I think that my kiddos need more than just a passing knowledge that there is more out there than just our little "village".

Enter Erica, at www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com, and her Expedition Earth curriculum. It's a wonderful tour of the world, country by country, and has been a beautiful fit for my younger kiddos this year!

Of course, we are homeschoolers, so, by definition, we can't use anything exactly the way it was designed to be used...

We have been really, REALLY taking our time going through this--it could very well take us the next two years to finish traveling the world, but it's a journey Firefly, Bug, and I are enjoying very much!

Typically, it's taking us about two weeks to finish traveling through a country. We spend the first day putting stamps and country flags into our passports, and learning to say "Hello" in the country's language of choice. We spend a day learning "fun facts" about the country. We color the flag, learn about the animals that live there, map in the capitals and major waterways, and do a craft or science experiment that helps us learn even more.

For example, during our "virtual trip" to China, we built the Great Wall of China out of Legos.

We learned about icebergs while studying Antarctica.

We round out our learning by reading books I find at the library, watching videos on You Tube, and making lapbooks out of all of the facts we've learned.

When our trip to the country is done, we have a special meal together, and both kiddos present their lapbooks to Dad and Turtle. And, if we're feeling especially brave, we cook food from the country we've studied.

Turns out, my kiddos aren't big fans of Thai food.

Or Indian food.

They're pretty picky, actually.

But it's still been a really wonderful journey, and I've enjoyed taking it along with them.

Next stop, Australia!

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! Confessions of a Homeschooler has such great resources. thanks for sharing!

  2. I think sometimes I learn as much as my kids do during our history and geography studies. I love that Great Wall---I'm kind of surprised my sons didn't build a Lego Great Wall when we studies China this year. ;)

    Thank you for sharing with the Virtual Curriculum Fair!

  3. I love Thai and Indian food! I enjoyed reading this entertaining post, and my kids are learning a lot quicker than me too.



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