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Monday, November 5, 2012

Menu Planning Monday

Again, for now, you have to take all of my suggestions with a grain of salt (sea salt, of course, lol!), since most of these recipes have yet to be taste-tested in our home.  I am still sifting through my initial "print out everything that looks like it would work" enthusiasm from about a month ago when we began to try to eat better.  

For me, that means no milk or milk products and no meat.

For everyone else in my family, they are eating LESS milk and meat.  (Some of them are better at it than others, ahem.)

Here is what that looks like in our home this week:



Breakfast:  Cereal for the kiddos, Big Breakfast Bowl for me

Dinner:  Whole wheat pasta, with olive oil and pressed garlic


Breakfast:  Leftover Muffins from Monday

Dinner:  Goulash, adapted to take out the sour cream and egg noodles


Breakfast:  Cereal and Big Breakfast Bowl

Dinner:  Leftovers


Breakfast:  Apple Pie Oatmeal  (we've had this and it was AMAZING!  Even my non-oatmeal eater loved it!)

Dinner:  We'll be eating out, which so far has brought its own set of challenges...

For lunch, the kiddos and myself who are home usually eat sandwiches:  veggie provolone cheese for Bug, PB&J for Firefly, and peanut butter, walnut, and raisin on a wrap for me.  Hubby cheats and eats out and Turtle usually orders a school lunch--yuck!

But we're learning, and experimenting, and (mostly) enjoying!  I'd love to hear of any recipes you all may have tried that I can add in to our favorites...

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