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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sensory Processing Disorder Awareness Month

October is SPD Awareness Month, and many other awareness months as well, I know.  But in our family, SPD is the one that I think really needs to work on their visibility.

See, because in most kiddos, SPD is invisible.  At least, to the naked eye.

It actually looks like so many, many other things.

It can look like bad parenting.

It can look like a spoiled brat.

It can look like a red, puffy face on a child or parent in the aftermath of a mighty tantrum.

It can look like a hyper child.

It can look like broken bones from unnecessary risk-taking.  And by unnecessary, I mean, unnecessary to those of us who can feel pain.

As a matter of fact, it looks like so many things that it is so very hard to pin it down.

And that's why we need an awareness month.

We are not bad parents, and our kiddos are not spoiled brats.  The challenges that I face on an everyday basis trying to make my daughter's life liveable are nothing compared to the challenges she faces on an hourly basis.

We have red, puffy faces.  There are screaming fits.  She can be hyper and a risk-taker.

But she is tough.

Way, way tougher than me.

And I want the world to see that--not her invisible disability.

This month I am going to feature my Firefly--her SPD, her challenges, her miracles, and her strength.

First, though, I'm going to start here.  It's a good overview of what SPD looks like in our home.

I'd love to hear your comments...

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  1. This is awesome! Thank you for reminding the world that SPD is invisible, and can look like many other things. We need more educated individuals like you :)



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