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Friday, August 17, 2012

We Choose Virtues Review and Giveaway!

Ever see one of those products that you thought you just HAD to have, but you just kept talking yourself out of it?  "We'll do that next year".  "I don't have a single extra cent right now".  "Does it really work?"

We Choose Virtues  had been that kind of product, for me.  I have looked at it and looked at it and looked at it, and just kept talking myself out of it.

I have NO idea why I waited so long!!

We're doing it this year--now.

I will make sure I have the extra money.  (And P.S.--they have tools that range from as little as $3.00!)

Yes, it really works!

It is adorable, it is simple, it is fun, and my kids are learning--and remembering--from it!

So what is We Choose Virtues?

It is a set of tools, made specifically for kids ages 3-11, that helps children to learn about and how to exemplify, godly values.  The values they teach are:  I Am Diligent, I Am Kind, I Am Helpful, I Am Obedient, I Am Forgiving, I Am Perseverant, I Am Gentle, I Am Patient, I Am Self-Controlled, I Am Content, I Am Honest, and I Am Attentive.

Could you use any of that teaching in your home?  Yeah, me neither.


Each virtue comes complete with its own "Kid of Virtueville".  These kiddos are sweet, super-cute, and, most importantly, easy for kids to identify with!  Each kid comes with a story illustrating the virtue and a catchphrase, listing what the virtue is and what it is not.  Also, each kid's story comes with a corresponding Scripture verse if you are so inclined, or without one if you prefer that.

We received the Flashcard Set ($15.99) to review.  The Flashcards are the "short and sweet" version of the program.  They feature the Virtue Kid on the front, and on the back contain the Kid's catchphrase and Scripture Verse.  With the flashcards, we got some suggestions for games and other uses of the cards.

In our home, we use these on a daily basis.  At first we went through them and read the catchphrases, studied the Bible verses, and played some games with them.  Now, we have incorporated them into our daily schooling.  I've picked one Virtue a week for us to focus on.  That flashcard lives on our whiteboard and we talk about it pretty much continuously!  We are working to memorize the catchphrases and verses, and to catch each other demonstrating the virtue.

Imagine my joy when Bug told me how he was Hockey Stick Nick "two times today" (honesty), and downright shock when Firefly announced she was doing a "Kind Curly".  (Note here:  the flashcards do not have the Virtue Kid's name on them.  We gave them their own names until we discovered the website and coloring book--by then it was too late to re-name some of them in our own heads, lol!)

Speaking of the coloring book, this was a WAY bigger hit than I had expected!  All three of my kiddos enjoyed using it, identifying the Virtue Kids, finding their matching flashcard, and "prettying" them up--even Bug, who will resist coloring with all of his might!  Most of the pages are of the Virtue Kids, but there are a couple of activity pages, word searches and that sort of thing.

In a nutshell, both my kids (12, 9, and 5) and I enjoyed using this program, and it is now a staple in our family life.  The kids fell in love with the Virtue Kids, and I fell in love with just how simple, easy-to-use, and long-lasting this program is!  I highly recommend it to anyone who can use a little Character Training in their home.

Again, we used the Flashcard set as well as the Kid's Virtue Poster (prominently displayed in our homeschool room!).  There are many, many other tools that We Choose Virtues offers:  Parenting Cards, Character Assessments, and entire kits that offer a little of everything.  The great news is that for this month, if you use offer code BTS25, you will receive 25% off any of those full kits!

And, one of my readers will receive their own Kids Virtue Poster!


All you have to do is leave me a comment below letting me know which virtue you would most appreciate a little help with in your own home, and you will be entered.  You can also receive another entry for posting about this giveaway on your own blog, tweeting about it, or posting it on Facebook.  Just leave me another comment letting me know what you did.  This giveaway will end at midnight, August 20!

Disclaimer:  I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are mine (and my kiddos!)


  1. I thankfully bought the flashcards, and cannot wait to add more to my homeschool room.

    The one I couldn't wait for more help with was self-control. My kids tend to say "(this person) made me do it." and I could not find the right words to explain that they chose to participate. Self-control does exactly that!

    "I make myself do the right thing." It hits the nail on the head. Self-control is not easy and it has to be deliberate at times. But the wording explains the point perfectly.

    I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

  2. I think we need to work on being content. Always wanting more is an issue around here.

  3. Ok that didn't work so well. Not being content with what we have already is a big issue especially for my 8 yo.

  4. I need help with patients but my kids need help with obedience.
    shannonsweep at gmail dot com

  5. My boys need to learn kindness!
    my_rabbit_barn at yahoo dot com

  6. My little one needs to work on self control. I have heard such excellent things about this program! I'd love to win!!

  7. We too are loving our flashcards. Now I just have to win one of these posters. I have been "perserverent" in my efforts. :-)
    We always need to work on obedience around here. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. I am also posting about this on facebook and tweeting.

  9. We have to pick just one? Hmmm patient, content self-controled or obedient would be the top four. I guess obedient would be number one since almost everything else could fall under that category ~ for Mom, too!

  10. I think the virtue that needs the most attention right now in my family is Obedience. Having a poster with all the virtues would be a great daily reminder for all of us. Thank you for offering us the chance to win one!



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