"From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised." Psalm 113:3

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Turtle Tuesday--The Dreaded Middle School...Da Da Daaaaa!

As I sit here typing this, listening to Bug and Firefly playing in their rooms as part of Afternoon Quiet Time, Turtle is sitting in math class.  No, not at a computer.  No, not on her bed.

At school.  A real, genuine, public school.

Let the lightning strike me now...

I know I shared with you all the soul-searching, praying, and crying that led to the decision to let Turtle start public Junior High this fall, but I thought I'd update you all on how she's doing.  

And since it's been a whopping two and two-fifths weeks, it seemed like now was a good time!

Yeah, so...

What a roller coaster ride we're on!

Some things are good:  she has a couple of classes with her best friend.  She got Art as an elective.  She can finally reliably open her locker when she needs to.  Her Science teacher is nice (in all honesty, she's the lead Cheerleading Coach.  How can she not be nice?  And spunky, too.  No stereotyping here, folks!)

Some things?  Not so good:  It's a really long day.  She has no one to sit with at  lunch.  There's a mean girl in Art class.  She doesn't understand the math.  There is (surprise, surprise) homework.  Even some assigned over the weekend!  (The NERVE!)

And her mean Momma still makes her do her chores.  (Again, the NERVE!!)

So, we'll see.  So far, so--well, OK, I guess.

I know she's struggling with the idea that school isn't exactly what she thought it would be.  I know she's struggling with time management, and mean girls, and self-image, and transitioning.

I'm struggling with transitioning, too.  And with the idea that she actually WANTED to do this to herself, and HOW could she not know how good she actually had it?

Actually, I'm really, really struggling with that.

And with not saying "I told you so".

But I haven't, and I won't.

Sometimes, I guess the best things we can do for our kiddos is to let go and let them make their own mistakes, and make their own successes.

But, boy oh boy, is it tough!

For now, though, we are doing lots of praying.  For Turtle, and her protection as she navigates the hallways of the Junior High.

For us, who miss her desperately while she's gone.

For her classmates and their kindness.

For her to come to her senses and come back home.    I mean, for her to find her place, and for her to be happy and successful in whatever way God wants her to be.

And for me to keep my mouth shut.

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