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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

School Year Starting Traditions

Traditions are such a powerful thing for kids, and for strengthening families.  I had a very chaotic (to say the least) childhood, but there are still some traditions that we followed that I cling to to this day.  And I am a huge advocate for setting up traditions in our family now--probably to a fault, says my OCD-style personality...But I digress...

So, of course, over the years we have set up some back-to-homeschool-type rituals, small things that mean a new season of our lives is beginning, small ways to celebrate that we are a homeschooling family, and many of which I have stolen borrowed from other's blogs, families, etc.
Here are a few things that we do at Schooling in the Sun to make a new year special...

First off, we HAVE to go shopping for new "Study Buddies".  These little guys are (in theory) supposed to make our desk work more fun, but they seem to have just turned into well-loved pets that travel with us for fun field trips.  Hmmm...  They are, however, also way fun to snuggle with during read-aloud time.  And sometimes, it's just cool to have a new, fluffy stuffed pet.  (Turtle was not with us on this outing, but she, too, got a new Study Buddy.  I'm not going to lie--I did think about withholding it since she is not an official homeschooler this year, but I am taking the high road, here.  Or something like it ; )

So, then, of course, we have to head to the library (note Study Buddy in picture...) and check out some super-cool books to go with our first few weeks of school.  Nothing spells excitement to a homeschooler more than a bag full of free books!  (Or did I just label myself a nerd again?)

A special breakfast and picture for the first "official" day of a new grade, 

and, then, an extra-special field trip for the first day of public school in our county:

Yep, the mouse.  But I've said it before and I'm sure I'll have to say it again, there's just something about Chuck E. Cheese when it's totally empty because it's first thing in the morning and everyone else is at school.

I did say I loved traditions, right?  Maybe I should have chosen Mickey rather than Chuck E. the first time around, hee hee!

What first day of school traditions does your family have?

First Day, Hooray!


  1. Love the study buddy idea! I'll have to remember that. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Study buddies--such a neat idea! And it would be so much fun to take them along on field trips! ;-)



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