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Friday, August 17, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal. Our First Week...Kindergarten Style...

in my life this week...a schedule.  Ahhh...and I feel at peace!  We have started our homeschool year, as of last Monday.  Yes, it's crazy, yes, it's stressful, yes, it's kind of never-ending, but I am a schedule gal!  Things have fallen more in place than I have expected.  Let's see what week two brings, lol!

in our homeschool this week...Bug has officially started Kindergarten!  So I figured it was fitting to start with him first.  We have (almost) completed Week One in Heart of Dakota's Little Hearts for His Glory, and really enjoyed it.  We have learned about the seven continents and some animals that live on each, about how God created the world, about land and water animals, and about a very naughty fox called Reddy Fox!

We've also been busy playing checkers (which is getting remarkably hard to win these days...), building Lego creations, and discovering hidden homes in our backyard.
We are also trying to incorporate Five in a Row this year, too.  This week we are rowing How To Make an Apple Pie and See the World.  As part of this story, we have done some apple math, learned about where to find some different countries on the map, and experimented with evaporating salt water to get the salt.

(see the bubbles?  Boiling water...And next week, art lessons, hee hee!)
It's made my heart happy to hear Bug giggle and say "this is really fun!"
I'm tending to agree--I'm loving Kindergarten!

places we're going and people we're seeing...we always try to celebrate the first day of public school in our county with a trip to--where else?  Chuck E Cheese.  Ugh!  

But a way, way better Ugh than during the summer when it's packed...

We also made some other trips to have lunch with friends, therapy visits, the library...

...even the pool this morning, followed by a Pizza Hut lunch!

my favorite thing about this week...ummm, yeah.  Think I already covered that.  I am a schedule lover!  And we're back on one!  Let the giddyness begin!

questions / thoughts i have...am I going to be able to keep Bug's love of learning going?  There's a little bit of pressure here, people!  By the time I pulled the girls out of school, they had already gotten to the school-is-a-chore phase.  He hasn't gotten to learn that.  Any ideas?

what i am grateful for...the chance to homeschool my little guys.  We are blessed and I am loving (almost) every minute!

Linking up this week with Kris at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers, and the Homeschool Mother's Journal.  Can't wait to read about your weeks!


  1. Looks like a great week!! My Spunk, 1st grade this year, hasn't been to "big school" either. He too, still has the same love of school time. I hope he keeps it, and always wants to learn more! I fully blame Kindergarten for ruining my other boy.

    1. Sometimes I wonder what Kindergarten would be like for Bug, just because the girls "got" to go. Hopefully, since he hasn't had a taste of it, this kind of learning and fun will just always be the norm for him...

  2. A great start! I have found that homeschooling my girls has allowed me to keep the excitement going! Our schedules, as much as I love them, can be flexible at times to keep the girls on their toes and keep them excited! LOL
    Learning 4 Keeps

    1. Thanks, Leah! I know I need to work on my flexibility, hee hee!

  3. I wish I was schedule lover, but no matter how hard I have tried in the past, I just can not seem to follow one. In our family it's a day by day basis. Yes, I have some idea of what I want to do, but nothing is ever really planned if that makes sense. I also have a Kindergartner starting this year as well as a 5th grader too Eeekkkk!!!! lol ;)
    I think the best advice I can give as far as keeping a child from getting bored and losing that love of learning is to just keep it light and keep it fun! Yes! There are always going to be those things that has to be done, but you can always shake things up from time to time. We love unit studies for that and online educational games like SpellingCity.com and Learninggamesforkids.com.
    I hope this helps and Happy Homeschooling this year!

    1. I'll have to check out the Learning Games website--hadn't heard of that one before, but yes--unit studies! I'd forgotten to stick those in, and they are SO fun! Hmmm, now to check my schedule to see where they'll fit, haha!

  4. We are starting Kindergarten this year as well. We are very child led and hands on for learning and keep the learning fun that way! Good luck!

    1. Good luck to you all too! I'm really enjoying Kindergarten now that I'm 40!



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