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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Day in the Life--Reality-Style

Since I've been waiting for the "perfect" and "super-efficient" day to come so that I can photograph us and make it look like we have it all together, and since it hasn't ever seemed to come, I thought I would just bite the bullet and show you what our "Day in the Life" really, truly looks like!

(WARNING--if you believe I am the perfect homeschooling Mom, PLEASE stop reading here.  I may have an image to uphold to one or two of you, and I would hate to burst your bubble.)


So, here we are, in all of our imperfect glory...

6:45 am--Hubby's alarm goes off, already destroying all images of my beginning this post with "I got up and worked out", because if I were to do that, I would have had to be up already.  Instead, I remember that I laid sod yesterday, and console myself that I think my back hurts--ergo, I worked out.

7:00 am--I stumble out to the kitchen to try to beat Bug to breakfast.  Today it works, by about two and a half seconds.  I set up today's "breakfast bar" for the kiddos to serve themselves while I shower.  This morning it's cinnamon toast and bananas.  Full-service, here!  (At least I didn't do this post on Tuesday--that's Pop Tart day!)

7:15 am--I am showering, dressing, and continually interrupted by cries of "Can I have two pieces of toast?", "Mom, he took all the juice", and "Where's my (20th) pair of jean shorts?"  All the time, I'm wondering, as I do every day, where is my hubby and how does he get to eat at the breakfast table but somehow become invisible while the naked Mommy in the shower has to answer all the questions?

I'm also trying to get some prayer time in here, too.  

8:00 am--Hubby has left, shower has (finally) successfully been had, clothes are on (for me, at least).  I've thrown in the first load of laundry and am attempting to eat breakfast myself.  Turtle is complaining about her before school chores, Firefly is still sitting at the breakfast table (this in an hour-long process for her.  It takes my Firefly some time to wake up in the morning...), and Bug is finishing his Morning Calendar notebook in between bouts of using the restroom, asking for chewing gum, and torturing the cat.

8:15 am--I begin to remind the kiddos that we are doing Bible time in fifteen minutes.  Turtle panics, Firefly ignores, and Bug is looking for the cat.

8:20 am--Ten more minutes.  Turtle has disappeared, Firefly is still "eating", and Bug is now standing at the top of the stairs yelling about something.  I'm pretty sure he's naked, too.  (Or, should I say, "changing"?)

8:25 am--Five more minutes.  Turtle--still gone.  Firefly--still eating.  Bug--yep, definitely naked.  And in the middle of a monologue about some kind of wild adventure he did on animaljam.com yesterday.

8:30 am--I am at the table to do Bible and only Firefly is there--completely surprised that it's Bible time.

8:40 am--I have rounded them all up and Bug is mostly clothed. We do our morning devotion and prayer and then get into the car to bring Turtle to school.

9:15 am--We are home, and I head upstairs to start workboxes with Firefly while Bug finishes his morning jobs (today it's unloading the dishwasher, feeding the animals, and taking the recycling to the curb).  We manage to do some spelling and writing assignments and I haven't heard anything break.

9:40 am--Bug is done, so I work with him and his workboxes while Firefly does her morning jobs (load dishwasher, tidy kitchen, and sort laundry) and gets dressed (remember, it took her an hour to eat breakfast!)  We read some history stories and a little about Reddy Fox, and then do some fun movement games and songs.  I decide that I really like Kindergarten.  Evidently, so does Firefly, as she keeps hanging out with us and "forgetting" to get dressed.

10:00 am--We are all upstairs, alternating workboxes.  We are actually moving along at a pretty nice pace, until I go to change the laundry.  (I know better, really I do!)  At this point, Bug decides he is a dog named Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Firefly is his owner.  When I come back upstairs, Cinnamon is having his belly scratched, and no one wants to do math.  (Can I blame them?)

10:30 am--I'm getting tired of the Cinnamon game and really just want us to. finish. school.  I'm getting ancy, because really we've done lots of playing this week and this might actually be the first whole day of school all week and I've forgotten we are homeschoolers and it's really OK.  I fight over math flashcards with Firefly.

10:45 am--Bug decides we need to go check on the new turtle (more on this later.  I'm thrilled with our new acquisition.  Really I am.)  Firefly insists we need to go check on the turtle.  I grit my teeth and decide we can fight over math just as easily in ten minutes.  I send them outside with lettuce and apple slices for the turtle and check my email and Facebook.

11:00 am--I call them in, after peeking out the back window and spying both children and the turtle on the trampoline.

11:05 am--Call them in again.

11:15 am--In a mad rush to finish the work, I bribe them with a golf cart ride to Subway.  Being real, here--remember?

11:30 am--We are on the golf cart headed to Subway.  Firefly and I decide that we should go to the nail place next to Subway first.  We are going out of town for Turtle's soccer tournament this weekend, so I'm going to paint my nails our team colors.  (Yep, I think I've become that mom!)

11:45 am--Still waiting at the nail place.

12:00 noon--We decide to just go to Subway.

12:30 pm--We try the nail place again.  I bribe reward Bug with some free iPad time while his sister and I get our toeses done!

1:15 pm--We head back home and enjoy the cookies the Subway lady gave the kiddos "for free", while I read our latest story about a Korean girl, as we are having "Korea week" in World Geography.  When the kiddos are done eating, they are doing their Korean animals copywork and lapbooking.

1:45 pm--Bug hears that it is going to be quiet time and he decides the turtle needs to be checked again. Firefly quickly agrees.

2:00 pm--I call them in for quiet time, change laundry, and begin to jot down this blog post.

2:10 pm--Bug comes out of his room for help with a project.  Evidently he is creating Reddy Fox out of paper, scissors, and glue sticks in his room.  I decide that at least he's quiet and he doesn't have any markers and I go back to the computer.

2:20 pm--Bug wants to show his project to me and to Firefly.  He wants to show the turtle, too, but I nix that idea.

In about thirty minutes, I will be making a sack dinner for Firefly to take to soccer practice tonight, and then we will be headed out to pick our actual Turtle up from school.  We'll go from pick-up line to a friend's house, where we will drop Firefly off so she can carpool to practice.

Then we get to come back home for about fifteen minutes so Bug and Turtle can change into soccer clothes.  We will head out to the soccer fields closer to home for a 5:30 and a 6:30 practice.  After Bug's practice, he and I will go and eat, go home and get him in bed, wait for a carpool to bring Turtle home and feed her, and then wait for hubby, who will pick up Firefly from her carpool around 8 or so.

If we're lucky, they will all be in bed by 9:00, and then I get to start packing for our trip away this weekend.

I have a feeling when the alarm goes off tomorrow, I won't be able to start with "then I got up and worked out" either.

What does your real day look like?  Anything like this one?

Yeah, not mine either ; )


  1. I love hearing about your busy-but-fun day!

    Where do dads disappear to when moms are in the shower? It's a mystery here, too! (It's also amazing how quickly kids can scatter when it's time to settle down and focus.)

    Our days very rarely go as planned, but somehow we manage to work in some learning and some good family time. Sound like you do the same!

  2. I'm chuckling here. Oh those best laid plans...:)

  3. I love it! Why do we plan again? I continuously ask myself this very question. Somehow, they learn and grow, and then I remember its going to be okay. That's the real plan anyway, in the big picture.



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