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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Turtle Tuesday. Photography Camp.

Turtle has begun the second week of a summer photography camp this week, and she is really enjoying it!  It is an online camp, with lessons, videos, and assignments sent out every day.  The class itself has a forum for the students to interact with each other, and a class gallery where they can share the photos they have been taking.

I have sat in with her on just a few sessions, as one of my goals this summer was to learn how to use my new nifty-cool camera with all of the bells and whistles.


Maybe Turtle will teach me in the fall.

Here are a few of the pictures she has taken so far:

 This lesson was on horizontal and vertical lines in your pictures.

 Turtle just playing around with the camera she's not usually allowed to touch...but I do really like the picture!

 This lesson was on different planes (horizontal vs. vertical) in the same picture...

and working on some close-ups.

This class has been a lot of fun for Turtle, as photography has become kind of sort of an obsession for her lately.  To learn more about it, check out this site.

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