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Monday, July 2, 2012

Must Do Monday. Preparing for a Party Edition.

Well, we finally decided that if we were going to have an open house and celebrate our new home with our friends, that there eventually was going to be a time limit when it was officially "too late" to still call it a "come-see-our-new-home" party.

So, without further ado, we have decided to have a Fourth of July / Open House party at our home this Wednesday.  

And, we pretty much decided this last Friday.


Today was spent in a frenzy of touch-up paint (times two when I did a whole bathroom in the wrong color--figures, right?), unpacking the last two (or five, but who's counting?) boxes, hanging picture upon picture upon picture on the walls, and begging, I mean bribing, I mean encouraging my children to pick up their rooms.  

Like now.

And I, of course, list-maker extraordinaire, have been listing away all day as well.  (I know that's not a word, by the way, but it perfectly captures what I've been doing!)  So, to keep my sanity intact--such as it is--I'm going to share some of this listing with you all.  

Here's my Must-Do Monday schedule:

1.  Finish the hanging of the pictures.  You know, the ones I found right after we finally put the hammer and the nails and the hangy-thingy away in the garage.

2.  Have a field day with the Magic Eraser.  Doors, stairs, children (if only, ha!)

3.  Take a trip to Kirklands to find wonderful, cute, Fourth of July-ish gadgets to decorate with.

4.  Target.  For a long time.  We need lots of food and drink and sparklers and water guns, etc.

5.  Help the children clean the upstairs and beg them to keep it clean for only the next 48 hours.

What's on your Must-Do Monday list?  I'd love for you to share...

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