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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Must Do Monday. Blog Cruise Edition.


I am participating in the TOS Review Crew Back to Homeschool Blog Hop this week, and I am so, so, SO excited!

Unfortunately, we are headed out of town later this week for Firefly's National Soccer Tournament and I have yet to grocery shop or pack.

Or, yeah, write blog posts, either.

Good news--it's going to be a REALLY exciting week!

Bad news--with REALLY long nights!

So, my Must Do Monday list looks something like this:

1.  Write about our homeschool curriculum.  Pack a little.

2.  Write about our homeschool planning.  Do laundry.

3.  Write about our classroom.  Pack some more.

4.  Write about co-ops.  Run last minute errands.

5.  Finish book and write review of it for Friday.

6.  Exhale and sleep!

What does your week look like?

1 comment:

  1. Your week sounds CRAZY!!!!! This week I am trying to get my kids back on a semblance of a schedule as my son starts Kindergarten in two weeks. My daughter has her three year check up this week, and I am looking for a job. Not too busy - but I feel like I should be doing way more!!



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