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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Camps--or Not

I am going to be totally honest here, folks.  The thought of having my kids run off happily to camp each summer, for several hours a day, while I was left behind trying not to do a jig, used to just make me giddy.  I homeschool, remember?  I am surrounded by my little people pretty much 24 / 7 / 365.  It gets just a little, teeny, tiny bit completely exhausting! 

Can I get an "Amen"?

So, summer comes around, and all of a sudden there are just so many options.  Options that I do not have to join in on if I don't want to, other than to fill out registration forms and write checks.

Swimming times, movie times, arts and crafts, soccer, gymnastics...The choices are pretty much endless.  And exciting.  I remember my summer camp days.  Aside from the swim tests and the arts and crafts, which I hated with a capital H, I had a great time!

So the pattern in our past was for me to sign my girls up for all of the fun things we could find and afford.  And wait patiently (or not, ha!) for the day when Bug was also old enough to go.

Our summers were full of driving back and forth, transitioning from soccer camp to cheerleading camp to swimming, and making sure we absolutely. had. fun.  Or else!

Because I was going to get some downtime of my own.

Or else!

And then, last year it all came crashing down.


Which tends to happen over here, by the way, when I insist on doing something that I am just so sure is the right thing to do.  No. Matter. What.

One day I might grow up and realize that sometimes I don't have the brightest ideas and I should just shut up and listen.

This year I am still just a wee bit completely exhausted and worn out.

This year there are still approximately eight million summer fun options out there that my kids can participate in.

This year Bug is actually old enough to do them ALL.

And yet, we have chosen one week.  A Vacation Bible School program at a church my kids have grown up at, with friends that they love and are familiar with.

It's a really long summer and I will have four days--excuse me--four mornings to myself.

I am going to the doctor, getting a haircut, and cleaning my house.

When did I become so boring?

But, hopefully, the backlash with my dear ones will not be nearly so large.  There will not be so much driving, transitioning, change of schedule that drove us all crazy in the past.

We won't be doing everything just to make sure we aren't missing out, or to make sure Mommy gets all the time to herself that she thinks she deserves.

And, hopefully, by slowing down and making the one outside camp activity that we choose a Bible-based one, I have reset our priorities right where they should be.

Where they should have always been.

See?  An old dog CAN learn some new tricks occasionally!

What are you all doing with your summers?  Some of my TOS Review Crewmates have written about their summer camping plans.  Check them out here:


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