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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Other Stuff We're Working On...Upcoming Reviews!

As a brand-spanking new member of the TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew, I am completely excited, overwhelmed, thrilled, and anxious about all of this cool new stuff that I am getting to play with this summer!  For a total curriculum junkie / geek that I am, it's like a grown-up candy store all for me!

And just like a kid in a candy store, I am trying really, really hard not to get a tummy ache from overload!

But seriously, we are having a blast playing with some new curriculum programs, computer games, video courses, and on and on and on.  Here's a sneak peek at what we're working on this summer:

Writing Tales, a language arts curriculum

Webber Hear Builder, and their Following Directions game, from Super Duper Publications

Apologia's Who Is My Neighbor study

We Choose Virtues, a character study


Phew!  No wonder I have the candy-store-trying-not-to-get-a-tummy-ache feeling!

You'll see my reviews later this summer, after we've sampled our little smorgasboard-loving hearts out!


  1. Would you let me know how you find Alpha Phonics? I would totally be interested in that if it is helpful. I am doing Five in a Row right now but they don't have any phonics in the program. I'm a reading specialist - but having a curriculum already set out is nice.

    1. Absolutely! Now I just need to get my bottom in gear and pull out the books...Ha!

  2. where's fraction-munchers?



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