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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What's in the Box Wednesday. Third Grade.

I've written before about how much we love workboxes!  This year I have used them with Firefly and with Bug (such as it is in PreK-ish things), and I see us using them again next year with both of my younger kiddos.  It is a great visual for Firefly, especially, as she can see, right in front of her very eyes, what she is supposed to accomplish each day.

We are wrapping up another school year--if everything goes well, we will be done in T minus nine days.  (But who's counting, right?)  We have dropped some subjects altogether by now, and have amped up the frequency of some others, in the fears  hopes that some of them may be on the kiddos' end-of-year testing (just being honest here, folks!)

This is what we were left with tonight, as I filled boxes for tomorrow.  It's a sneak peek of Firefly's boxes.  What is not included in her boxes is our group work, which, for tomorrow, entails some history reading, vocabulary, states and capitals practice, and Bible time together.

 We have FINALLY progressed through Singapore 2A, and have creeped into 2B.  Yes, I know that we were "supposed" to have finished both books in a year, but please don't tell Firefly.  She proudly will tell anyone who listens that she has started her fourth-grade math book.

 In an effort to (hopefully) move along slightly more quickly through this math book, I added a box of extra math practice every day.  Tomorrow, Firefly will work on her two and three's times tables.  Somedays, she will play iPad games that are math-based, sometimes it will be (slightly) more fun workbooks, sometimes it is card games.
 Firefly discovered Handwriting Without Tears at her OT's office.  We ordered it immediately, in an effort to try to douse the copywork tears.  Strangely enough, she does it independently, without any problem.  I only ask for three lines / day, not a whole page.  Slave driver, I tell you, that's what I am!
 This one's a little tricky.  Firefly knows, and I know, that it is our spelling box, but I realize that no one else would know that.  I switched her over to All About Spelling about halfway through this year, in an effort to get rid of some of her phonetic spelling that was really cute in Kindergarten, but not so much at the end of Third Grade.  She uses the Do-A-Dot markers to cross off the sounds she has mastered, and the Steps we have completed.
 We are reading through this book as part of our Heart of Dakota program, for Science.  We've really only just started it, but we are both really enjoying it very much.
Ahh, yes.  The grammar that we both love so much (ahem).  I stepped this up a bit more lately, as we had only been doing the lessons about once or twice a week for most of the year.  That is not enough repetition for Firefly, apparently.  I got tired of the blank stares with "what is a noun?"  Now we do our grammar lessons every day.

That's a little preview of what's in our boxes today.  I'd love to peek inside yours!  Comment and leave your link...

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  1. I love the idea of a physical reminder of goals for the day, especially for kiddos! I would imagine that could be more powerful than a list.

    I am so tickled to see that you teach grammar. I am so sad to see it disappearing from so many public schools.



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