"From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised." Psalm 113:3

Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up. The Summer Is Coming, The Summer Is Coming...

in our homeschool this week...this is it.  Our last week.  We have testing scheduled for next Monday morning, and, traditionally, I can't bring myself to do much of anything school-related after testing.  It's like the official sign that the school year is over.
Good thing that that's the sign I'm watching for, because if I were waiting for us to finish our math, or science, or history, or reading, we would be schooling well into October.  (It's all in the name of honesty here, folks, remember? Ha!)  
Anyone else like that?  I have a hard time convincing myself we've done enough. Though I have kept track of days, I can list our accomplishments, I feel like we've put in the time, but since I haven't technically *finished. the. book.*, it's a bit depressing.
Oh, well.  We'll get back to American History in a few years anyway, right?

But we have:  memorized numerous Bible verses, learned about taxes through the eating of chocolate chips, watched baby bird eggs turn into baby birds, learned our times tables through the fours (well, almost the fours), gone from knowing the letters to actually reading words, learned how to diagram ridiculously complex sentences, 
made clouds in a bottle, mastered long division--FINALLY!, got hands-on experience in the whole process of building a new home, tasted real sugar cane, grew butterflies, climbed a really tall mountain / hill, saw where the President lived, and, most of all, survived.

I guess that's not bad, huh?

in my life this week...did I mention that this week was our last week?  Can you imagine my control freak self when, ten minutes into our first math lesson of the week, Firefly promptly threw up all over said math lesson?  Down for the count for the next two days.  Fever, upset stomach, and, I'm sure, developing an allergy to GermX and Clorox Wipes, as often as she's been wiped down with both.  
Me, I say, "well, guess we won't get quite as far this year as I planned." Hubby?  He said, "looks like you're taking another week."
Guess who wins this one?  Two guesses, and the first "don't" count, as Poppy says.  I am SERIOUSLY ready for a break.  
We spent the rest of the week cramming.  This WILL be our last week.

 places we're going and people we're seeing...beginning of the week, we traveled for a soccer tournament for Firefly, which was wonderful and terrific and they won and it was great.  Then, the bug struck.  We just started to feel like we could leave the house without putting everyone we came in contact with in great stomach peril on Thursday, when we headed out to the library.  Yeah, kind of a yucky week.  (But, remember, it was our last week of school...)

my favorite thing about the week...hands down, Thursday night when I took advantage of my Mother's Day gift and had a sixty-minute massage.  Need I say more?  Delicious!

things i'm praying for...wisdom in curriculum choices for next year, patience while we wait for our other home to rent, financial stability while we wait for our other home to rent, health--that the bug actually missed who we think it missed, comfort for a friend who is beginning chemotherapy.

I hope you all have had a blessed week!



  1. Oooh, a 60 minute massage sounds luxurious! Sounds like you are reading for vacation! Good thing it's warming up! Have a great last week!

  2. Ooh, it WAS! It was wonderful!! And we are truly enjoying being on summer break this week! Thank you for visiting us!



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