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Monday, May 14, 2012

Nature Study at its Finest! Grown in our Garage

Once upon a time, there was a little family who wanted to go and take a bike ride.  It was a beautiful spring day, and not too hot yet.  Little Brother went into the garage, put his bike helmet on (just like a well-trained child, ha!), and pulled his bicycle into the driveway.

Little Sister went into the garage, fought with her bike helmet for some time, but finally put it on, and pulled her bicycle into the driveway.

Older Sister went into the garage mumbling about wearing a bike helmet, and promptly screamed.

Why, you ask?  Well, this is what she saw...

Now, mind you, those busy little birdies had built their nest in MY helmet, but hers was "close".

And, actually, in the name of honesty, when we first discovered the nest there was only one egg in it, but of course I can't find those pictures!  *wink*

Now, among other wonderful things we have discovered about our new home, there is evidently a bird expert living right. next. door.  (I think probably lots of people have that right next door--seems in our old home we had a snake expert living next door.  Wonder what kind of expert our next door neighbors think I am?  Don't answer that!)

ANYWAY, the kiddos ran the iPhone over to our expert neighbor, who, within twenty minutes, had identified the nest and eggs (wren), taught the kids the nesting habits of the wren, and then moved into a discussion of how birds know to do what they do (in which I held my breath because, after all, we just moved in and I haven't gotten into a theological discussion with said neighbors yet--on my to-do list, haha!) finishing with "If they are designed that way, there must somewhere be a Great Designer, right?"

Phew.  Exhale.

Well, now that we were armed with all of our new information, we felt like bird experts ourselves, and we have been watching, and waiting, and watching, and waiting.

Mama Bird has been coming and going, but has not attacked any of our family yet.

Eggs just lie there (lay there?--haven't covered that in Grammar yet).

Hubby is getting angry and impatient as we all insist that we cannot fully close our garage, or Mama won't be able to get to her babies.  (Somehow the idea that she built an entire nest and laid an egg before we even knew she was there and were NOT leaving the garage open for her has not been fully explored.)

And then, just before we went out of town this past weekend...

The pics are blurry, the babies are ugly and blind, but there they were!!!  And although no one else in this family is QUITE as excited as Momma, there were lots of cheers to go around!

Today, it is four days later, and here is where we are today...

Still kind of blurry, still very ugly and blind, but oh-so-cool!  And, oh, how they've grown!

We are loving this gift we were given, and have truly enjoyed this glimpse into nature.  We'll keep you posted as our babies grow, open their eyes, and have flying lessons...

What's growing in your garage?


  1. ssooooo cute!!! My eldest loved your pictures :D!

  2. Thank you! We are having so much fun watching our new additions grow!

  3. We went to the village yesterday where our girls held baby chickens for the first time. I have to tell you, it is a miracle the two year old didn't strangle them! But it was a cool experience anyway!
    Stopping by from NOBH!

  4. My kids would just go ape over and experience like this! What a great learning experience right in your garage! Thank you for sharing with all of us over at NOBH!



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