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Monday, April 16, 2012

Must Do Monday. The Second.

So, here we are again, on a Monday morning, yawning, moving slowly--very slowly--through the morning routine.  This is my new motivation to get moving ever so slightly faster, as I share my "must do" list with you all (and hopefully, get a peek at yours to make myself feel less alone! ; ).

Here is my must do list for today:

1.  Sweep the kitchen floor.  We have a new job in our homeschool--that of babysitting an absolutely adorable seven month old little guy.  Which leads me to a later post about the joy of new life lessons.  And one about how quickly time goes and how quickly I've forgotten when Bug was so little, and what it has become homeschooling with an infant around.  And also leads me to another post about why I haven't been posting as much lately.  *wink*

But anyway, I don't think his Mommy would appreciate picking him up tonight weighing an additional five pounds in dog hair.  Therefore, I will sweep.

2.  Head over to Barnes and Noble for their Home Educator Week Kickoff--or something of the sort.  I got an email a really long time ago about something that sounded exciting and put it into my calendar.  So today, we'll go check it out.  Wish us luck!

3.  Make a call to confirm a hotel room for an upcoming soccer tournament trip.  And pay the deposit.  And write a check to cover the coaching expenses.  Sigh.  I guess that leads me to...

4.  Balance the checkbook.  To find out if I have enough money to go to Barnes and Noble, and pay deposits, and coaching expenses, and, you know, groceries.

5.  Clean up the playroom / schoolroom.  This weekend I devoted to "simplifying" some particular kiddos' bedrooms.  (More on that coming--I am SOOOO excited about our new plan!)  But, as you Mommas know, when the Momma is wrapped up in one room, the entire rest of the house explodes all over itself!  We cannot possibly school in this playroom (or watch a crawling baby) until I have managed to put the explosion remnants away.  Ick.

What's on tap for your Monday?  Please, cheer me up.  I'm beginning to get overwhelmed and depressed just making a plan for mine!  

Welcome to the week!  Hope it's a great one!

**Just added** I found out how to make a linky!!  Now you can add to mine--at least I think so!

Feel free to link up your to-do lists here!

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  1. Hmm, Right now it is reading to my two year old daughter while we wait for Gavin to wake up. Then the three of us are going to pick up the living room (which exploded last night for some reason that I can't imagine). We are going to work on laundry (Sigh I HATE doing laundry). I have to start whittling down toys, clothes and other stuff - it is a good time to purge. I still have baby boy stuff and my youngest boy is 5 now! Oh, a trip to the eye doctor for new glasses. We can be overwhelmed together!!!!



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